How To Find Inspiration For Blog Photography

How To Find Inspiration For Blog Photography

It’s not just post idea’s that we might struggle with from time to time, it is also when it comes to taking photographs to feature in our posts that we find ourselves lacking inspiration. This has happened to me many times before. It might have happened to you also and may be the reason you’re reading this post. I hope that today I will be able to give you back some of that inspiration with some hopefully useful tips and resources. 


Most of us head online these days to research or seek advice, yet there is still physical resources out there that we can use. Magazines are a great place to look for photography ideas for your posts. There might be an beauty advertisement inside that would work great as a background or a prop to use within your post, that not only reflects the topic of the post well, but also will look great within the photo. Images and the design of certain pages in magazines might give you inspiration in how you might want to lay out your own props/items within your own photos. For example, most fashion magazines are going to have outfit or clothing items included, this might be in a mood board/collage format. From this, you can quite easily use how they have presented the board as a brief or be inspired in how you might want to set out your own wish-list or clothing within a haul post.

Your own home

Another physical resource we can all use is taking a look around our homes. There might be a particular area within your home that you might think it would be great for taking your photographs here, such as areas near windows or doors that let a lot of light in, perhaps there’s an amazing photo background opportunity within your home that you never thought about before until you had a proper good look around, like a blanket or surface, or maybe there are some items within your home that you could use as props within your photos, like a dish or an ornament. Sometimes even just looking around your home or sitting there thinking can really spark some inspiration into you.


Again like magazines, books are also a great way to find some inspiration in how you might want to photograph your post(s). These might be purely picture books or they might be information books that include some photos from time to time. Have a good flick through these books, take a look at the images and think how the person might have created that image. Once you start thinking, you can build some of your own ideas or take little snippets from their photographs to try incorporate into your own. But remember, never 100% copy. You want the images to be your own creation and have your own spin on things.

How To Find Inspiration For Blog Photography Social Media

Social Media

Most young people and old enjoy going on social media, having a flick through their news feed to see what others are up to and even catching up with their closest friends. If you’re a blogger, social media can not only be a great way to promote your blog, but it can also be beneficial to finding inspiration. If you follow some bloggers on social media, you might come across a few of their promotional updates on your feed which might showcase an image also in this post. Take a look at it and if you like it, then why not use it as inspiration? There might be a certain style or layout they have gone for, why not have a go at it yourself? Perhaps they have a certain prop you love, why not find something similar for yourself or kindly ask them if they would mind sharing where they got it. Remember not to copy the image completely. It’s fine to use others as inspiration. But make it your own. Put your own spin on things. 


Relating to the previous point about social media, Pinterest is a great tool for blog photography inspiration. Aside from magazines and other bloggers, I probably use Pinterest just as much for inspiration. Since it’s photo based, it means finding inspiration for your own photography is super easy to do. This could be done by simply just repining a few things that spark some interest in you or images that you see and think I really like that, I want to try something along those lines with my own photography. Or you might decide to look for inspiration by typing into the search bar ‘Blog photography inspiration‘, that will result back all the useful photos and links to direct you to those posts that will hopefully help light some inspiration back into you.

How To Find Inspiration For Blog Photography Pinterest

Other blogs

Again with no copy rule, but using other people’s blog is a great inspiration all around if you’re a blogger. But in particular for those who might be struggling with blog photography. Checking out what other bloggers are doing or taking inspiration from those photos you love from your favourite posts are two useful methods to apply. Also some bloggers might even have posts on a particular area that you might be struggling with within the blog photography topic. This might be background ideas, so look for posts that share these ideas with you or perhaps a tutorial in how to create the perfect flat lay. Remember don’t copy. But just use people as inspiration. They’ll appreciate it if you do!!

Your blog

Finally looking for inspiration within your own blog can be beneficial. Take a look over some of your favourite posts of yours or the photographs that you really enjoyed taking. This might help to spark some motivation or ideas within you. Did a particular style, background, selection of props, camera setting or layout work really well for you? Could you use this as your inspiration and push yourself to carry out the same sort of photographs again but for new posts? You could even progress things further and consider using this look as your signature photography style that people will soon begin to recognise from you.

How do you find inspiration for your blog photography? Is there any ideas you could add of your own?

Lauren x

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10 thoughts on “How To Find Inspiration For Blog Photography

  • I loved this post Lauren! I'm always looking for more blog photo inspiration. I love flicking through magazines to see if certain pages will look good in a photo, and I always find myself looking around my home to see if there's anything I can use! I also find looking back on my old blog photos so useful, that's such a good tip. It's interesting to see what photos I like the best and then I can try to create something similar for a future post!

  • I'm a new blogger from Greece! I found this post so useful! I definately gonna follow your tips! Thank you so much! I have to tell you that your blog is so amazing. I loved it. Simple and perfect.Love, ELeni

  • This is a really helpful post! There's definitely periods where I feel a little bit uninspired and like all my blog photos start to look similar or uncreative. I've been struggling a bit lately because I'm so limited on 'props' in my flat in Germany! I'm looking forward to going home for a change of scenery :). Pinterest is my ultimate source of inspiration (for anything!). Such a good tip to use your own blog for inspiration too! Hannah

  • What a great post! So many good ideas to get some inspo when you're feeling lost! a life of a charlotte x

  • This is so helpful!! I'm so bad at taking blog photos, I never know what props to use, I lack motivation and inspiration. I need to start using magazines, I just never buy them anymore, sadly!!! I might start buying them for photos, and I love the book idea, having a pretty book in a flat lay would look so cute! Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

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