How To Feel Bikini Confident

How To Feel Bikini Confident

I think most girls can relate to the insecure feelings they experience when it comes to bikini season, knowing that they might be venturing off on holiday and having to bare their body for the world to see, feeling pressures to get this ‘summer body’ or be ‘body goals’ before they go. However we all know that this is unrealistic. Our bodies do not change with the seasons and not everyone is going to be a body goals. So to stop ourselves from feeling unconfident and uncomfortable about stepping out in swimwear this summer, it’s important to try change our mindset and by following the tips below, you can say goodbye to your insecurities and hello new found bikini confidence that we should all be able to have:

Find styles that you love and feel good in – Bikini shopping can just be as uncomfortable as stepping out in one. It can be hard to find what that suits your body type or one that you even fall in love with enough that you can forget about any bikini body fears you have. To avoid feeling like this, it’s a good idea to have a look around and find styles that you love. Know what suits your body best and helps to accentuate your best features. Once you’ve got a good idea what works best for you and your body, you can begin to look for this style when trying any swimwear on and finding the perfect one for you. 

Fake it (a tan) till you make it – Everything looks better with a tan, right? The same applies for when wearing a bikini or swimwear. The easiest thing to do to add a little more confidence to the way you look and feel is by getting a gorgeous glowing tan. Of course this doesn’t have to be natural if it’s not achievable before you’re due to step out in your bikini, but faking it till you make it is. I love to apply the Palmers Tanning Moisturiser to achieve a natural looking bronzed touch to my skin all whilst keeping it hydrated and smooth. A tan will also help to make your skin look healthy and give you definition if this is something you’re after. 

Exfoliate – This is a step you should probably aim to do before you tan because it will help get rid of all the dead skin cells and avoid your tan going patchy. Exfoliating will also contribute to fresh and hydrated skin that will looking gorgeous with your bikini. Scrubs are also good at fixing your pores and giving your skin that really good boost it needs. Always remember to moisturise after exfoliating to really get the full impact to your skin.

Get rid of those hairs – Removing body hair is something that is each to their own. But removing any unwanted hair from your armpits, legs or bikini line can really help to boost your confidence. It will also make your skin feel extra smooth and fresh. Plus it will help to neaten things up and you won’t have to worry about exposing any parts of unwanted body hair to the rest of the world if you don’t want to. It will be sure to give you heaps of confidence by doing this!

Learn to love your body – This one seems fairly straight forward, but one I feel kind of gets left behind when we think about ourselves and our bodies, as well as our relationship with them. I think we’ve all been quick to judge ourselves and put ourselves down about the way we look more than once. But why?! Why should we put down our bodies? They keep us alive. They keep us going. Without them we wouldn’t survive. So why shouldn’t we love and nurture them? They deserve all the care after all. 

So my advice is to love your body for what it is and what  it does for you. Any flaws you might possibly have and hate, other people probably won’t even notice when you’re in your bikini or even fully clothed. People have way too much time on their hands to be discriminating against you, so why should you be doing the same but to yourself? Instead look down at your body, tell yourself that you look and feel good, focusing on all those favourite parts you love and giving some space for you to acknowledge those things perhaps you might not necessarily love, but still appreciate anyway because they make you, you and without them you wouldn’t be you. So love it!

Smile lots – Even just a simple thing as smiling can provide you with heaps of confidence! You know when you smile at someone from across the street and they smile back, you get that warm feeling come over you and any insecurities go straight over your head. You will appear more friendlier and approachable this way. You won’t be shying away from the world or looking like you don’t feel right. Because when you feel good, you also look it. Also remember to laugh. Laughing helps to relive any tension, so if you are feeling a little uncomfortable, remember to focus on those more happier and cheerier moments, you’ll soon be smiling and probably even laughing, especially if you’re with other people who brighten your day.

Stand up straight and stand tall – Fellow petite girls might be reading this and thinking, how the hell am I suppose to stand tall? Well here me out. You don’t necessarily need to be tall to stand tall. But standing up straight and appearing taller than you are rather than hunched over can really help give you lots of confidence and also make you look it. This will also help you have sharper attention and energy, which helps to increase the blood flow to the brain and get rid of poor posture, which signals bad confidence. Instead stand up straight, don’t hunch over, own what you’re wearing and remember how good you feel in your bikini. 

Remember why you’re wearing one – The likelihood as to why you’re wearing a bikini or swimsuit in the first place is probably because it’s appropriate for the type of activity you’re partaking in. Whether this is sunbathing, swimming, a pool party etc, remember that you’re dressed the way you are for a reason. Bare this in mind when wearing your attire. It is also may be your weather appropriate outfit so remember that you’re wearing it to keep cool and to not over heat. Also think how much good it is doing for your self confidence and bringing you out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of comfort zones can be horribly scary, but once it has been done once or twice, it is such a thrilling feeling and only makes you want to keep doing it. It will do you the world of good stepping out in your bikini with bags of confidence behind you. Focus on this and you will be just fine!!!

‘Summer body’ and ‘bikini ready’ do not existThese two statements get thrown around this time of the year. A lot of people focus intently on them and use them as their motivation to get their desired body. Whilst it is good to have an aim and to be actively focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle, it can also be damaging to your self-esteem when you do not see those certain changes you want to come summer time. This is because our bodies do not change with the seasons. Our bodies do not adapt to the time of year. Yes you may eat healthier around spring/summer and may be put on weight near Christmas with all the celebrations, but your body still won’t change depending on the season. Your body will also never be bikini ready because there is no bikini ready. It is a myth. It’s a stereotype made up to fit a certain criteria that does not exist. 

Anyone and everyone can wear a bikini. Whether you’re athletic, slim, curvy, small, tall, no matter what size you are, you can wear a bikini. There is no rule book telling you that you can’t. If you want to then you are more than happily able to do it. Do not listen to the media or society telling you that you’re not what is ‘deemed’ bikini appropriate, because you are. You most definitely are no matter what you look like. 

So slip on that bikini, stand up tall, smile and own it! Because you’ve got this girl.

What’s your favourite feature of your body?

Lauren x

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7 thoughts on “How To Feel Bikini Confident

  • Now that I'm in Greece, and gracing beaches all day long, I've come to realise how there is literally every body type flaunting it loudly and proudly on the beach- and very rightly so!If ones body is something that one is working on then I think hit the beach with confidence and marvel in your work in progress. Personally, removing body hair (particularly at my bikini line) boosts my confidence!I'm not 100% body confident- and that percentage changes daily- but I like to think of my body as a 'work in progress' which gives me an extra confidence

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Steph! It makes me happy to read that every body type is out there flaunting what they've got and doing it with pride. I went swimming the other day and there was people of all shapes and sizes and it made me feel really happy to see other people not caring what they look like and just having a good time xx

  • I absolutely loved this post! I'm going on holiday soon and I always get so anxious about wearing bikinis and having my body on full display, but this post has definitely made me feel a lot more confident so thank you!! X

  • This post was great! We shouldn't be ashamed in any way to wear a bikini because of our body! xxx

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