How To Fake That Summer Glow

How To Fake That Summer Glow

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Summer is the perfect time of the year to embrace glowy, fresh and dewy skin. I love this kind of look all year round, but the summer is when I really fake that summer glow and try to enhance it as much as possible. Here are some of the simple steps I like to take within my skincare and makeup routine to fake that summer glow.

Make use out of cream-based products to fake that glow

When it comes to my makeup routine, I like to go for something light in terms of the base but I will tend to use cream-based products to finish off my look. For example, I’ll swap my highlighter and blush for a cream-based option rather than a powder finish. Although I do love to throw a powder highlight on the top of the cream to really enhance that highlighted look.

But if you do prefer that more subtle glow, then cream-based highlighters tend to be more on the lighter side and won’t give you such a strong intense look. Plus I find that cream-based products help to create a more natural dewiness to the skin. I also find them super easy to blend into the skin. They look so effortless. You can change up your shadows, bronzers and blushers to cream-based too.

How To Fake That Summer Glow

Use hydrating and radiance-boosting skincare products 

Switch up your skincare routine for the summer and use hydrating and radiance-boosting skin care products. This will be a great way to start your skin off the right way before you use any other products like makeup to fake that glow.

Opt for a cleanser that is super hydrating and helps to make your skin look radiant. I personally love the No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Lotion for this. It’s so light but still so hydrating. It’s a great choice for the summer and in particular, a morning cleanse.

Other skincare that is going to boost your hydration and radiance include serums, oils, face masks and toners that are specially designed to do so. Also, I love to use a hydration booster based product like the Simple Hydration Booster that really does help to give you a boost of hydration when your skin needs it.

Invest in a primer that is hydration focused

I’ve been obsessed with the Vitamin E Primer from Primark’s P.S beauty range the past couple of months. Packed with Vitamin’s E, B3 and B5 this primer helps to give your skin that added hydration and radiance before you begin to apply your makeup.

It really does help to start your base off with a gorgeous glowy look whilst helping to keep your makeup in place which is so important when the weather is hot and you don’t want it melting off your skin.

How To Fake That Summer Glow

Set your makeup with a glowy setting spray

When it comes to choosing what setting spray to opt for after applying my makeup, I always go for the dewy and glowy finish ones. I feel like this really does help to enhance and set my already glowing look into place. It gives it that added glow and brings the whole summer glow together.

Plus setting your makeup with a setting spray is so hydrating and refreshing during the summer months. It’s been a godsend over the past few days when we’ve been having this hot heatwave. I’ve been using the L’Oreal Shake and Glow recently and I love it. It’s so good at giving you that fake summer glow.

Add a glow to your body to fake that summer glow

Recently I’ve been loving the Freshly Cosmetics Glow Edition Body Oil*. I love the normal version of the golden radiance body oil*. It’s an amazing product and giving your skin a boost in hydration helping to prevent dryness and increase softness.

The Glow Edition* is no exception.

Although what makes it different is that contains glitter to give you a gorgeous luminous glow. I love to apply this one to my collarbones, shoulders, down the front of my legs and along my arms. It is such a great way to give your skin a gorgeous summer glow.

It’s definitely a summer staple when it comes to faking that summer glow!

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How To Fake That Summer Glow

Opt for a creamy or glossy lip

I really need to get into the habit of wearing more cream and gloss based lip products as they’re such a great way to fake that summer glow. They really help to bring the whole dewy and fresh look together because they’re not as heavy-looking as a matte lip is for example.

Plus they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. They’re light in texture and don’t feel as heavy or thick as a matte product can so they make summer makeup wearing a breeze. When I like to opt for a creamier lip product I reach for my Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in the shade Kim.K.W. It’s such a peachy nude shade. It’s a great summer option!

How do you fake that summer glow?

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