How To Ditch Bloggers Guilt

How To Ditch Bloggers Guilt

There’s a huge amount of pressure from both the inside of the blogging world and the outside that comes with being a blogger. This pressure can sometimes drive us to feeling guilty if we’re not meeting with what is expected of us. This pressure could be brought on ourselves or simply from outside sources. Whatever it is that makes you feel down about being a blogger or blogging, it is time to ditch the guilt and start to recognise that there simply doesn’t need to be so much shame in this blogging world. 

If you need to take a break, then take it 

What seems like one of the most hardest decision in blogging can actually be the most beneficial to us. Taking a break is sometimes necessary and can be the best thing you do for yourself and your blog. Their might be so many different reasons as to why you need to take a break, from health reasons to a lack of inspiration, whatever it is, you just need to take it!

We have a tendency to feel bad when we need to take a step back from something. But it is completely ok to give yourself some time away and find your feet again. It can be a time for you to reflect, get re-inspired or just simply rest. There’s no harm in putting yourself first, we’ve all been there, so don’t feel guilty for doing it. Your loyal readers will understand and be there to support you once your back. 

If you miss a post, so what?

One thing that I always use to struggle to not feel guilty about is if I miss putting a post up. Sometimes life gets in the way or something doesn’t go right with a post and it has to be pushed back. It happens to every blogger. Most people probably won’t even notice and the ones that do won’t mind. The loyal readers (the ones you want and do matter) won’t leave just because you missed a post or two. Just keep on going and get back on track when you are ready to. There’s no rush. Do what you need to do. 

If someone calls blogging ‘easy’ or a ‘lazy’ job, stay true to what you know 

People who don’t understand blogging and are simply jealous of you and your blog will try to tear you down. They will label blogging as easy and a lazy job, where you spend time sitting at home, taking a few photos and writing up a couple of paragraphs. Us bloggers know the real reality of this industry. It is so much more than what the stereotypical view is on this job. These people need to be ignored, blocked and deleted. They can keep their narrow-minded views and let us get on with doing what we love.

Remind yourself the hard work you put in and how much you enjoy blogging. Don’t let others shame you for only doing what you want to do. They’re clearly unhappy in themselves to want to tear others down. Focus on what’s important to you instead.

Don’t try to be anyone else, but yourself 

It can be really easy in blogging to feel like you have to be doing what everyone else is doing in order to be successful. The reality is you can only be you. And you’re amazing enough as it is, so why would you want to be anyone else? Stick to your own standards and your own ways of working if they work well for you.

 Everyone is different and individual. Be a reflection of yourself and not what you think should be expected of you. If you don’t feel as though you can do what everyone else is doing, then stay true to yourself and do what you do best instead. There’s room for everyone and individuality stands out. 

It’s ok to want to do and accept sponsored work

One of the amazing perks of blogging is being able to work some of our favourite brands and be paid for doing so. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding sponsored work. People who just don’t get it assume you’re only doing it for the money or have been paid to say something.

But if you agree to do work with a brand based on your own honest views and opinions, then what is the harm in it?

More people need to start supporting bloggers who land amazing collaborations and we should be giving them the recognition they deserve. Earning money by blogging isn’t something that should be shamed either. The same way you wouldn’t shame a freelance hairdresser, painter and decorator or accountant for the work they do. Everyone has to earn their money somehow and why wouldn’t you want to earn it doing something you enjoy? 

Do you feel a lot of bloggers guilt?

Lauren x

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