How To Create A Glowy And Radiant Makeup Look

How To Create A Glowy And Radiant Look

Glowy and radiant skin is something I aim for pretty much all year round. It’s my favourite finish to a makeup look and the one I find suits me the best. As the warmer season of the year comes round, a lot more of us support a glowy and radiant look to our makeup. Sometimes it can seem quite daunting to try achieve this look without looking like you’ve either plastered your face in glitter or being overly oily or sweaty. So I thought it would be best that I share some of my own methods and some useful tips of achieving a radiant and healthy look. 

Before you do anything, ensure you’re starting with clear and clean skin. This will help to not only hold your makeup in place, which is essential with the heat in the summer, but also ensures you can get as much benefit from your makeup products as possible. It’s also a good idea to apply a primer before you apply your makeup to help minimize fine lines and pores, as well as to help smooth the skin ready to go in with your products.

Starting with foundation, everyone has their own individual preferences of what their favourite go to brands are, as well as the type and finish they opt for. If you want to achieve a radiant look, you’re obviously going to want to sway more to the dewy side of foundations. Something that gives you a nice glow. My personal favourite is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation. This creates a gorgeous radiant and glow to the skin, whilst giving a good medium coverage that looks super natural. It really does help to wake up your skin and make it look healthy. Alternatively, you could go for a lighter base, like a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser to produce the same look to your skin.

In terms of concealer, something that is really going to help brighten up your under eye area is a good shout. This will help to make you look more awake and radiant, concealing those dull areas. Seventeen’s Stay Time concealer is a great budget friendly option to achieve this. If you want to conceal any blemishes or spots, then use a concealer correcting palette or a concealer you know will give you a good enough coverage to create that seamless healthy look to your skin.

Moving onto my favourite part of the achieving a glowy makeup look is highlight! Now you need to be careful with this one, because no one wants to look like a disco ball due to too much highlight. Instead make sure you are aware of how intense you want your highlight to be and that it doesn’t look too over the top with the rest of your look. I like to apply a subtle cream highlight over my cheek bones, my cupids bow, my chin, my brow bone and down the bridge of my nose, before going in with a powder highlight over these areas to build that intensity. Ensure you go for highlighter shades that work well for your skin tone. Gold tones work best at adding more of a glow than frost tones. If you have dry skin, opt for a liquid highlight to prevent any dry patches being highlighted.

It’s also good that when you’re using bronzer to ensure you’re using one that goes well with your skin tone too. You want it to look as natural as possible. Bronzed skin can really help to make you look healthy and radiant so along with the other steps this can really help bring it together. Go for something that’s not too shimmery or too matte. You want something that is going to give you sun kissed skin!

You can also add a blush on top of your cheeks for a light flush of colour to really bring in that healthy glow. But again ensure it’s not too shimmery as you want it to look natural and leave the highlight to be doing all the popping against that light.

Other ways you can achieve a glowy and radiant look with other aspects of your makeup is using creamy yet neutral eye shadows on your lids. Colours like pinks and golds will really help to highlight the eyes and keep things natural. Also going for a mascara wand that really helps to open up your lashes all whilst looking super natural. You could also go for something soft and well moisturised on the lip, like a lip crayon or a cream finish lipstick. This will really compliment the rest of your glowy look and keep things as toned down as possible, whilst drawing all the attention to your healthy radiance. 

How do you like to achieve a glowy makeup look?

Lauren x

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17 thoughts on “How To Create A Glowy And Radiant Makeup Look

  • I always like to keep my face matte because I'm oily, but I discovered a foundation that I can wear that isn't matte (Wet n Wild Photo Focus) and it gives such a natural coverage, with a matte powder on top, an everyday shade of blush and MAC Soft & Gentle, this is my type of glowy makeup look :)

    • Aw that's great that you've found one that works for your skin type! It sounds lovely. I need to try Mac Soft & Gentle. I always hear great things xx

  • I've been using the NYX liquid illuminator mixed in with my foundation and find that it gives me a beautiful glow to my base makeup. xJordan Alice

  • This was very informative! I've always kinda steered clear of bronzer and highlighter because since I have acne it makes me feel like I'm 'trying too hard.' But I love the glowy makeup style so I may have to suck it up and try it more! Great post. Julia Julia in Bluhm

    • Aw I'm glad you found it informative, Julia! Aw I hope you can find a glowy look that works best for you. Thank you xx

  • Great post! I love glowy skin! Its definitely what suits me best xChelle |

  • Great post! I love glowy skin! Its definitely what suits me best xChelle |

  • I love glowy makeup, it looks so healthy and beautiful. One of my favourite ways to achieve that look is by using prime and fine beautifying primer from Catrice, it makes my face look super glowy and dewy. (without it looking oily) I've been thinking of trying that Rimmel foundation coz I've heard some great things about it! Lovely post xxValentina from

    • It's the best, isn't it? Definitely try the Rimmel Wake Me Up. You'll love it. I couldn't be without it. Thank you, Valentina xx

  • I achieve a dewy look by spraying a bit of like thermal water on the face so it does not look that matte, as i like using matte products. Anyways all the tips you mentioned are

  • I'm all about getting a glow on. Especially now that it's winter my skin is extra dry an dull and anything that makes my skin look more healthy is right up my alley! Aside from my shiny-ish t-zone I love a glow on the rest of my face.

  • I like to use a balmy cream highlight for the most natural fresh glowy look – and not use powder except for where I need it. My favourite cream highlight at the moment is MAC's cream colour base.Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

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