How To Blog On A Budget

Blogging when you have little or no money can be difficult. It can be demotivating when you’re unable to go out and buy the latest product launches to then go home, try out the product and write a review. The same goes for when you want to buy some new clothes, put together some outfits and create a few looks for your blog posts. However it doesn’t have to be that hard. There are so many things you can do to continue blogging without having to spend your money buying things for your blog. Here are some ideas that you could use to continue blogging whilst on your budget.

How To Blog On A Budget

Use what you’ve already got – It’s seem’s straight forward, but using what you’ve already got is the easiest thing you can do. Rummage through your make-up collection, sort through your wardrobe, look through some old storage and you’d be surprised what you may find. You could do a round up of a certain favourite type of product from your collection, like lipsticks or you could talk about how your style has changed over a certain amount of years. There’s so many ideas you could create from your own objects. This can really help make your post’s unique to you!

Other examples of how to use what you’ve got, include finding old wallpaper samples, magazine pages or covers, newspaper, flooring, posters etc to use for photo backgrounds. Alternatively, you could look around the house for some blogging props to use, such as fake flowers, ornaments, notebooks, jewellery etc.

Tip: In terms of photography, using your phone camera and any free editing apps, is a cheap method in creating perfect photo’s without having to spend a lot!!!

Use free options – Another option is that you could go use free options. An example of this would be to go look on social media and other blogs to gather some inspiration to form your own blog post ideas. Also you could search online for some free printable’s to use for your blog. In terms of blog backgrounds, simply printing off whatever background image you would like off Google images and onto an A4 piece of paper is a free service to use. Another method is printing off any blogging worksheets, like a blog post planner, a stats tracker or a printable calendar to help keep you organised. All free to do!!

Tip: When you do spend, if a particular store you spend a lot in, has a points reward card scheme, such as Boots or Superdrug for example. Then sign up, get your card and collect points when you purchase something new. Over time you’ll end up having enough points to treat yourself to whatever it is that you want! 

How To Blog On A Budget

Re-do old posts – Redoing your old posts is another free method. Maybe there are some posts that didn’t get as much traffic as you would have hoped, since you loved the idea or maybe your style of writing has changed or your photography has improved. Why not have a go at redoing these posts and updating them for your readers. This also saves you some money, because you will already have what you need.

Write from experiences – Instead of lusting over what you want to buy and would love to review, why not get personal with some of your own experiences. Most people love being nosey and having an insight scoop into people’s lives. C’mon don’t lie now, we all do it and love it! Why not share some of your tips relating to a certain experience from your life. Maybe you’ve been through a difficult time, one that others can relate to and are seeking some advice. Why not share your tips and tricks with them. On the other hand, you could write about more positive experiences like a trip you went on, this way you can include some of your holiday photos and a description of your time there or places to visit in a guide form.

Look for cheaper alternatives – If you have caved in and cannot help but want to go out and spend, then a safer option than to splurge in one go, is to look for cheaper alternatives before you do. Looking online and comparing prices is a great way to start. Is there something you can get cheaper online or instore? Is there something you can get cheaper somewhere else? Is there a cheaper product alternative that does the same thing for the same quality.

Tip: Maybe you should ask yourself, whether or not you actually need it?!

Save!!!!!! – An obvious one, but maybe one we should all stick by. The urge to spend is real. But if you think logically about your money and set a proper budget in place, putting away some money at the end of the week or month isn’t so bad. If there’s something you really want but can’t afford, then this might be the option you turn to. Maybe you want a new laptop, camera, some new products or a new outfit, some photography equipment, whatever it is you might be after. Opt for putting some money into a savings account or a pot each week/month, until you have saved enough to purchase that item you have been after.

What are some of your tips for blogging on a budget?

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