How To Be More Involved In The Blogging Community

How To Be More Involved In The Blogging Community

One of the many perks about blogging is that is has such a huge community of like minded people, that it can make what is essentially a lone wolf hobby a lot less about being alone and more about being surrounded by other bloggers. Although if you are shy or suffer with social anxiety, it can be hard to put yourself out there and engage with others. Or perhaps you just don’t have any idea as to how you can get involved and how you can stop isolating yourself from bloggers. 

Whilst the majority of bloggers are pretty friendly and will welcome you with open arms, there are the few hard gems that will try to tear people down. Don’t let these people ruin your hopes of wanting to join the community. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a small new blogger or  have been around for awhile, you all deserve a chance to get involved in the blogging community and here are some ways to do just that…

Tweet people

This perhaps seems like a way too obvious one, but ask yourself how many people a day or week do you actually go out of your way to tweet or respond to? I know I can barely count on two hands how many I do. If you’re like me, then why not reach out to more people. Compliment them on one of their pictures that you really love. They’ll love to hear how much you admire their hard work. Ask them a question you’ve always wanted to ask e.g what lipstick they’re wearing in their profile picture or what they use to edit their photos. If you see someone struggling, ask them if they’re ok or offer your help. Maybe they need some product recommendations or help with the design side of their blog. 

Also remember you don’t always need to reach out to them first. You can start the conversation a completely different way rather than tweeting them. Start a discussion by tweeting out a question and waiting for the responses to come your way. It’s more than likely someone will see your question and type a reply back to it. This way you can start a discussion and this will persuade other people to get involved. This is a great way to create lots of engagement and help you to meet lots of new friends. I also find this is such good practice for overcoming any shyness. The more you do it, the more you get use to it and your confidence grows. Twitter chats are useful for this if you do struggle as you are regularly getting involved and chatting. The #BlogosphereChat is a great one to get involved in!

It doesn’t have to just stop at the tweeting side of things! Twitter also gives you the option to share other users posts. If you’ve really enjoyed someones post, then shared it. Either retweet their original promotion tweet with the link to the post included or paste the link into your very own tweet and share it that way. The blogger will be super grateful and might even return the favour at a later date. You could also use this a chance to share what you thought of the post and get others to share what they also thought.

Join comment pods 

These little things are super handy for us bloggers. Not only do they help us beat the algorithm and increase engagement, but they’re also such a great way to meet other bloggers and become friends with them. You can request to be put into a group if you see someone seeking people to join their pod or start one yourself. They’re a great way to help each other and also start discussions. The ones I am in on both Instagram and Twitter are both super supportive. Everyone looks out for each other and helps each of them through both blogging and personal issues. It’s also a great way to share that love and continue to make the blogging community a great place to involved in.

Go to events 

For me I have never been to a blogging event. My social anxiety and general anxiety would completely get the better of me. But that’s not to say I would never go to one. I would actually love to go. But they’re a great way to meet lots of new blogger friends and network with them outside of the online community. It’s also handy to go if you want to learn lots of new tips and tricks, either from the event itself or other bloggers who may be willing to share their own experiences they’ve picked up along their journeys. No doubt you’ll also have tonnes of fun with whatever event it is and also get to meet lots of brands that you could potentially work with in the future along with your blogger pals. Then at other events, you can plan to meet up and go along together. This can then become something you do on the regular and will be a good way to keep in touch.

Respond to your comments

Whether this is on your blog or any of your socials, it’s really important you respond back to your comments when you get the time to. Of course, don’t expect yourself to always be on your game with responding. But if you want to be able to return the favour and discover new blogs all whilst building your own readership, then getting back to your comments is a good way to do so. If you have a comment system on your blog installed that enables your readers to see when you have got back to their comment, then this may encourage them to keep coming back and joining in a conversation with you. This can be really helpful for you to not only build your own community, but also be involved with the blogging community. 


This is something I’ve yet to do, but know it can be a good way to feel more apart of the community if you are in collaboration with another blogger on something. There are a few ways you can collaborate with a blogger or a group of bloggers. You might decide that either the two of you or the group could host a giveaway for your readers to win a bundle or a certain product that you all put some money into. Another suggestion is guest posting on each others blogs for when the other is lacking ideas or for a series you’re doing. You could also interview other bloggers and share their answers, as well as their links on your blog for your readers to check out. The other blogger will highly appreciate your time into putting the post together. As previously mentioned, you could also join comment pods where you share and like each other posts. 

Find the joy, rid of the negative 

As mentioned like any other community online or offline, there can be a minority who try to bring it down and get involved with any negative drama that occurs. I usually stay well clear and watch awkwardly from the side lines. Most of the time it is pointless stuff that is really not worth getting into it, but of course if someone is being completely dragged down and harassed for no apparent reason, then feel free to stick up for the person being targeted and support them. No one should be attacked. Neither should we stand back and watch it happen. It’s more the petty arguments that you need to let slide and move on from. 

Instead look for the joy within the blogging community. That can be the people who are always friendly and welcoming. Those who share the love and uplift other people. That are real and genuine. Those are the ones you should be drawing towards rather than the others who can potentially ruin it for others. Of course no community is positive all the time and I’d never expect everyone involved to be, but being kind and sharing the love is really not that hard, nor has it ever been a bad thing to do more of.

Don’t be afraid

If you are more worried about getting involved than anything else, then if you only take one piece of  advice from this post, then please take that you don’t need to be afraid. I know it can seem very daunting and there are times when I still feel a little nervous to reach out to people, but as I said the more you do it, the easier it will become and the more your confidence will grow. Be active and engage with those you wish to and those who chose to engage with you also. Make it a big team effort and enjoy the experience. All those worries will melt away and you’ll feel so glad you took the plunge to do it. Most of us are genuine lovely people who won’t be afraid to respond back and get you involved. But remember to not take offence to those who aren’t as welcoming back. 

Offer help

If you see someone is struggling with whatever it may be, perhaps they’ve had a relationship breakup, maybe something hasn’t gone right with their latest Instagram upload, or they’re struggling to make a decision about something and need a second opinion. Offering your help can really help people in so many ways. They’ll really appreciate it and you can easily build a bond by doing this. If you know the answer to help someone or have any advice to offer, then why not share it and make someones day by doing so? Even if you just end up being there for someone to listen to it can honestly make the world of difference. If you show someone you’re a helpful friendly person, then they’re going to more than likely do the same back to you.

How do you get involved in the blogging community?

Lauren x

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14 thoughts on “How To Be More Involved In The Blogging Community

  • This is such a great post. Love this kind of blogger help subject. I really need to go to some blogger events, I live in the back of beyond so it’s not always easy to plan a trip. I’m hoping to start next year and make an effort to go! Samantha x

  • I looove responding to comments, I just think its such a nice thing to do to comment on someones blog the least you can do is reply 🙂

  • Some really great tips here Lauren – somethings that I have never really thought of or considered to get more into the blogging community. I love responding to comments and finding new blogs to follow and get inspo from that way. It can be so rewarding!Amber

    • Aw thanks so much, Amber! I'm glad you've discovered some new tips from this post. Finding new blogs can be a great thing for inspiration xx

  • I loved this post! This is so useful to new bloggers out there who don’t know how to get involved! Twitter definitely opened up lots of opportunities when I started and I met some amazing people ☺️☺️ X

  • What a wonderful and positive post Lauren! I think the blogging community is, for the most part such a positive, welcoming one. It is sad that there are those who don't wish you to do well, but it's reassuring to know they are far and few between. I love using comment pods to get to know more bloggers and to build a community together! Sending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

    • Thank you so much, Diana! You're too kind. Yes you're so right. I couldn't agree more. Comment pods are so useful xx

  • I think the biggest hurdle, for me at least, was initially putting myself out there and starting a blog. I think people in this industry are mainly positive and supportive, so I guess it helps to keep that in mind. Best, The Heba xx

  • Loved this! If you get involved, the blogging community is such an amazing place! -Cait xx

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