How To Be Excited For Christmas

How To Be Excited For Christmas

I feel like when it comes to the Christmas celebration period, you’re either one of two people throughout this time of the year. You might be someone who gets into the festive spirit early, counting down the days until the season to be jolly hits, putting up your decorations as soon as December 1st comes around and spend your commute in the morning listening to your favourite Christmas playlist, trying not to sing out loud from your seat on a packed bus. Or you might be the opposite end of the scale, finding it hard to be excited about the season approaching, knowing it causes you more stress with things like presenting buying and hosting the family, you may fail to be full of Christmas joy. 

Well today’s post is hopefully going to help you get excited for Christmas. Whether you’re a bit of a scrooge, a Christmas fanatic or somewhere in the middle, here’s how to be excited for Christmas!

Decorate – For some it’s a tedious job that takes a lot of effort. If this is you, then try do it as early as possible to ‘get it out of the way’ and use it as a way to admire all the festive decor around your home. It might help enlight some spirit and get you feeling all festive. Gather your loved ones around you to help decorate to make it more of an enjoyable experience for you and have it as a memory to look back on or make it a tradition for years to come.

Visit the Christmas market(s) – Visiting Christmas markets can be a great way to get excited for Christmas time. It’s also a good opportunity to spend a day or two over the weekend with your family or friends and explore what’s on offer. Most markets have a delicious range of food and drinks, arts and crafts, gifts and home accessories, fashion accessories and pieces. They’ll be something there for everyone!

Christmas shopping – Some either love or hate this part of Christmas! But doing it early can help keep you prepared and won’t have to worry about doing it because you’ll be finished whilst everyone else is still rushing around. If you don’t fancy braving your local town or city, then you can easily do it all from the comfort of your home and shop online.

Plan fun days – Of course, we already touched on going to Christmas markets for the day. But there’s also other fun days out you could plan with your loved ones to get you feeling all festive. You could head to the local ice rink and go ice skating, go on a winter walk, go the theatre to see the Christmas pantomime, head to Winter Wonderland in London, take the kids to go see Santa, have a Christmas movie day in or bake lots of yummy festive treats.

Reminisce about old Christmas memories – Whether this is with other people you’re close to or even just by yourself, think back to all the previous Christmas’ where you’ve had great days and made lots of memories. It will be sure to put a smile on your face and get you looking forward to what this year has instore.

Watch Christmas movies – There’s going to be lots of festive films on over the next few weeks, so what better time to snuggle under a blanket and sink your teeth into lots of Christmassy movies. Elf, Home Alone and Muppets Christmas Carol are some of my favourites. 

Read Christmas themed books – If you’re a book lover, then this ones certainly for you! Whether you fancy reading a classic Christmas book like ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ or more of a genre style book with a Christmas theme to it, then there’s always something out there for you to escape into throughout this period. This is especially good for when you’re off work or school for the holidays and can spend lots of time reading.

Send out cards – In modern times, most of us communicate with our loved ones by picking up our phones and sending a text message or giving them a quick ring. But Christmas is the perfect time to put down that phone and write out a few Christmas cards to send out to everyone you love from family and friends, to neighbours and coworkers. Spread the celebrations and wish people a merry time!

Have a countdown – The most famous way of doing this is a Chocolate Advent. But there are hundreds of different themed countdowns within the market right now. Beauty, toys, candles, jewellery are just some of the types of calendars out there. This is a great way to help you feel more festive as the days go by.

Write a Christmas list – This list should include all the presents you are hoping for this Christmas. Not only will it help your family and friends have a good idea what to get you, but also make you feel super excited for the day!

Make and consume lots of yummy Christmas food – We’ve touched on doing some Christmas baking, in which you can be really creative with and bake lots of delicious naughty treats. But you can also make some tasty festive inspired foods, like mince pies, pigs in blankets, a traditional turkey roast dinner etc. Plus you can consume it too!!!

Listen to festive music – Whack out that radio and listen along to the festive radio stations, turn on the TV and flick through the music channels to sing along to the Christmassy music videos, create your own festive inspired playlist and listen to it wherever you are. There’s nothing like getting excited for Christmas than singing your heart out to the well known classic Christmas songs!

Give to charity/gifts – Of course, Christmas is all about giving. Treat your loved ones to something special. But also remember to donate your money or time to those in need, through charity or volunteer work can be a great way to do something for someone else less fortunate this Christmas. Even just doing a small deed, like helping someone load their shopping into their car or posting their Christmas cards for them can be a massive help and make you feel good for doing something nice.

How do you try to be excited for Christmas?

Lauren x

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13 thoughts on “How To Be Excited For Christmas

  • I love love love to go Christmas shopping, it definitely gets me in the festive spirit! Great post!Grace xx

  • Aw I really enjoyed this post! I go to christmas markets every year, I love em! I love going to the cute little christmas fairs they hold in our village church too!

  • I don't celebrate christmas so I'm usually the one who sits there whilst everyone gets hyped. I do remember writing christmas cards to everyone in my class back in primary school, it would be so cute to do the same thing now :)Dalal

  • Yes! I love this post! I agree that if you reminisce on old Christmas memories it really does get you in the spirit! I love Christmas markets and decorating too, it's the best! Tania x teabee | UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog

  • decorating and listening to christmas music is what i just love and it gets me so excited for christmas.❥

  • I'm one of the first kind of people! I've been listening to Christmas Songs and even made my own Christmas Playlist since the start of December 😀 I can't help but feel excited of the fast approaching holidays, hehe. Great list you've got here, Lauren. This post gave me ideas!xoxo,

  • Christmas markets are my favorite this time of year =o) Just went to one in Toronto and next up is the Christkindlmart in Chicago =o)

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