How I’m Staying Inspired Right Now

How I'm Staying Inspired Right Now

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When you’re a creative person and you work in a creative industry, it’s so important that you’re always staying inspired so you can come up with new ideas and unleash your creativity. I thought I would share some of the ways I’m staying inspired right now in life, my blog and my work to help boost your inspiration and refresh the ways in which you get inspired.

I try to read regularly 

Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed and within the past six months or so I’ve really got back into it. It’s been amazing for my inspiration and creativity as I’ve always found reading to be one of the ways that I’ve easily gained inspiration from.

This might include reading inspiring books, blog posts or articles, quotes I’ve found on Pinterest or any other source of media. Through reading other blogs, it always keeps me inspired and encourages me to continue working on my own blog. I’m always pinning away on Pinterest and find that this handy website is such a quick way to gain inspiration.

I have quite a few ‘girl boss’ and self-help related books within my book collection. I was kindly sent a book by Aileen Gilani known as From Student to Entrepreneur: The Steps I Took and Lessons I Learned*. As a self-employed person myself who has just recently started their own business, I found this book so insightful and inspiring.

How I'm Staying Inspired Right Now

I love reading about other people’s journeys as its always so inspiring to see how someone who has just started out make a success of themselves. Aileen‘s story from a student with no clear idea of what she wanted to do to an entrepreneur gave me a great boost in staying inspired and continuing to go after my own goals. It was also packed full of helpful tips and advice on starting your own business, as well as how to go after your own dreams when you’re just starting out in your career.

Plus its a pocket-size friendly so if you’re on the go and want some quick easy inspiration you can reach for it in your bag and have a quick flick through to gain some inspiration!

Using my own achievements and journey

Through a lot of self-discovery and a self-love journey during my years of experiencing a range of mental health conditions, I’ve learnt to appreciate how important it is to celebrate your own achievements no matter how big or small.

I’ve found using my own achievements and journey to guide me and continuously inspire me not just through the more challenging times when I feel unsure or fed up, but also when I’m feeling ok and I need a reminder of how far I’ve come. That can always give you an even bigger boost of inspiration!

Using your own achievements and the journey you’ve been on throughout life can really help to drive and motivate you. I also find that it helps to give you a boost of confidence and makes you believe in yourself more. When you feel better about yourself and you’re giving off good vibes, it really does help you to feel more inspired.

This is one of the things that can continuously keep you inspired because you can use your own journey and successes as a constant reminder of what you can achieve. You use your success as proof for further inspiration.

How I'm Staying Inspired Right Now

Engaging with others 

Whether it means engaging with others from a similar industry or backgrounds, engaging with others is a great way to gain inspiration and something I try to do more often to stay inspired. Being involved in a conversation really can help you to come up with new ideas and form new opinions on things.

I also love admiring other peoples work and the processes they take which can help me to stay inspired when I’m having a sense of doubt or I’m feeling a bit burnt out. It can get me to think of new ways to approach things or what I can do to improve a situation I’m in.

Engaging with others really does help you to interact and think more which in turn can get you inspired and staying inspired by regularly ensuring you’re being an active engager. I find Instagram a great place for this. The blogging community is always so supportive on there and it’s really easy to spark up conversations with those in similar industries.

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How I'm Staying Inspired Right Now

I find inspiration through Matt

Now this one may be quite soppy and cringe, but I find inspiration through my boyfriend, Matt.

For as long as I’ve known Matt I’ve always felt as though he inspires me so much. Like I don’t even know how or why other than he just makes me want to do more, but not in a pressurising or a push yourself kind of way, more like he makes me dream bigger than I ever thought and has  made me realise that I can do things if I believe in myself and put my mind to it.

Matt has always been such a positive influence on me and I’m honestly so grateful for him. When you can find those people who make you feel inspired and boost you up when you need it, then you realise how important having those people around can be.

So if you were to take anything away from this, then surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and who make you feel inspired.

Taking regular breaks 

Whenever I feel a creative block hit, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and take a break. I find that when I walk away from something and go do something else, I get inspired again really quickly. It’s weird how it works like that but it does work.

Having a break gives you that chance to relax, rest and unwind, giving yourself the time and space to come back to something feeling more energised and inspired to crack back on with whatever project you’re wanting to work on.

I love to make use out of the time I have off from working to do things away from a screen and away from what I associate with work. This might mean spending less time on my phone, hanging out with my loved ones, snuggling down with a book or movie, going on a long walk or visiting a new place.

Give yourself some time away to get inspired again. It stops you from trying to force it and being more present with what’s currently going on for you right there and then.

How are you staying inspired right now?

15 thoughts on “How I’m Staying Inspired Right Now

  • What a lovely post! I’m so pleased to hear you’re getting on ok and staying inspired. I mentioned on your Insta’ that i thought this was the perfect book for you! My way to find inspiration is listenig to podcasts. I love educational, SEO/blogging tips etc and find it so useful, especially when I’m driving. I agree though, we definitely need that time out away from our phones! x

    Samantha |

    • Thank you so much, Samantha! Oh yes, podcasts are a good one. I haven’t listened to any in a while so I must check out some new ones xx

  • This is such a great post and something I’ve definitely been struggling with recently. I especially like the point you made about using your own achievements and journey as a source of inspiration. I find that it’s easy to forget that we are capable of more than we think we are because of how often we tend to compare ourselves to others on the internet.

    Definitely needed this!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad it could help you. Reflecting on your own journey is definitely a very good thing to do xx

    • Aww, that’s so lovely to hear, Khanak! I’m so glad you love them. Thank you so much. Me too. They make the world of difference xx

  • I agree with what you said about reading! I’ve fallen in love again with the written word and I try to read from a book every day. When I sit down to write, I always read a blog post beforehand to help inspire me. Another way I stay inspired is to take a break out in nature. I’ve been loving walking my daughter around the park in the mornings!

    -Emily B

    • I’m so glad you agree, Emily! Oh yes I’m the same. I always like to read blogs before I write my own posts. It gives me so much inspiration and motivation. Getting out in the fresh air works wonders, doesn’t it?xx

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