How I Take Care Of PMS Symptoms

How I Take Care Of PMS Symptoms

Oh, PMS. You are definitely one of those things I dread rolling around each month. I try my best to take care of my PMS symptoms when they hit. I’m usually quite aware of when they’re going to roll around and I’ve definitely got to know PMS aka premenstrual syndrome over the years.

I thought I would share how I take care of PMS symptoms because if you’re like me, then you might struggle with those unpleasant and annoying symptoms that crop up near that time of the month. These are the things I do to try look after myself and put myself in the best possible position.

I sleep when I need to sleep

Usually around day 21 of my cycle and onwards, I can begin to feel myself feeling more tired and fatigued than usual. Last weekend, I felt myself coming over so tired at around 9 pm on Saturday night, so I took myself off for an early night and it was definitely so worth it. I try to listen to my body and rest when I need to.

It’s so important I do this because it helps to fight the fatigue symptoms and it gives my body that extra rest it needs to recharge. I only tend to nap during this time of the cycle because my body needs that extra rest. I’m not usually a big napper because it usually makes me feel worse after but during PMS my body needs it.

I eat when hunger strikes

There are certain points throughout my cycle where my body is literally like ‘Oh my god, I’m so damn hungry!’

Can anyone else relate?

PMS can really make me crave particular foods and makes me so hungry all the time. No matter how much I eat or what I eat it doesn’t seem to put the hunger to a stop. So I tend to graze more than eat large meals during this time of the month. This works especially well when I feel other PMS symptoms like nauseous or my IBS flaring up. It helps to minimise bloating too.

I like to give my body the fuel it needs. There’s so much going on inside your body all the time and in particular when your hormone levels are rising and dropping all over the place bringing you so many different physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms.

Sometimes when I’m hungry my anxiety can get triggered and PMS can also trigger my anxiety so the two together can be one massive trigger. I try to make sure that I’m fueling my body and giving it what it needs to prevent overwhelming myself with anxiety.

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I try not to be hard on myself

Essentially you’re not in control of your hormones and your PMS so I try not to be too hard on myself. I’ll cry if I need to cry, I won’t put myself down if I feel a particular way, I’ll accept how I feel and how I am at that moment in time because there is no point beating myself up over something I can’t control. If I feel angry, then I’ll allow myself to feel agitated. I’m working on not directing at the people I love though!

Instead, I can learn to accept the feelings and symptoms that PMS bring, before figuring out ways like the above to help put me in a better position of getting through them. I’ll really up my self-care and listen to what my body needs, as well as how I’m feeling.

As I’ve got better at doing this every day because of my mental health issues, the easier it has been to apply the same method to when my PMS symptoms are in full swing. It’s helped me to deal with them better.

I’ll make time for more ‘me’ time activities

Sometimes my motivation and interests can really take a hard hit when my PMS hits. This can make it hard to get work done and focus on anything because I completely lose focus and passion for anything.

Instead, I will make sure that I get the most important tasks done, then make time to do more ‘me’ time activities which can include reading, watching a movie, having an extra hour in bed in the mornings, going on a walk or even playing on the sims. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference for me.

There’s no shame in doing this or putting yourself first before the more everyday important tasks we have to do. You need to be there for yourself when your body and mind need you to be so it’s never something to be ashamed of for needing more time for yourself.

How do you take care when PMS symptoms strike?

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