How I Reset To Feel More Together

How I Reset To Feel More Together

This week has been one massive week of giving myself some time to reset to feel more together. One of the worst feelings for me is when I feel out of control and a bit all over the place.  I like to try to take a step back and reset to feel better. I wanted to share with you just how I reset to feel more together in case you have been feeling the same.

I love to have a tidy 

You know how the saying goes ‘a tidy room equals a tidy mind’ and for me, that saying couldn’t be truer!

I hate it when everything is untidy and messy. It really makes me feel all over the place and almost closed in. So if I notice my room is becoming a little on the messy side, I’ll go around my room and give it a tidy up, just to make sure everything looks nice and neat.

My desk space and bedside table seem to get the most cluttered, so I’ll usually remove everything off of them and put things away like beauty products I’ve used in photos or on my skin that day and clear clothing away or get rid of things I no longer need, like parcel packaging.

This always makes me feel really therapeutic as not only am I’m creating a lot more space, but it’s also quite satisfying making somewhere look better. It also makes me feel as though I can fully reset as everything is fresher.

I love being able to make things feel fresh and clean so after I’ve tidied up, I’ll pop the hoover around the floor and dust any surfaces. Because I have a lot of white furniture in my room I find that it gathers dust so quickly so this is always essential.

Unpack from the weekend

Obviously, this one only really applies to when I sleep out on a Sunday night and come home on a Monday morning or come home on a Sunday night after a weekend out. Unpacking my bags can seem like such a chore at first, but I love being able to get everything out and sort it out so that my bag is ready to go again the next day or things can be returned to their usual place.

If I have any dirty washing, then I’ll put that in the wash basket for washing. Any beauty products I’ve taken with me like cleansers and creams, I’ll put them back into my beauty drawers for that night’s usage.

Once it’s done it’s always such a relief and always makes me feel more together!

How I Reset To Feel More Together

Plan my week and set some goals 

I’ve spoken a lot on my blog about how I plan my week and set goals for the week ahead, but it always helps me to feel more together once I have a clear idea of what I’m doing and I have a good sense of what things I’d like to work towards for that week commencing.

I never put too much pressure on myself to achieve goals as I don’t like the added stress. But I set three small weekly goals as a focus. This can be anything from ‘being kinder to myself’ or a more career-focused goal like start my business Instagram which I’m still yet to do.

This is my reminder to give myself a kick up the bum and get started!

Having goals to work on and a rough plan of what my week is going to look like really does help me to reset because I feel less all over the place and like I put a halt to that unknown anxious feeling.

I up my self-care game

Taking a step back from all the planning and tidying, I also like to up my self-care game to reset and feel more together. Self-care involves different things for everyone and for me I definitely try to do a mixture of different activities within my routine.

Sometimes I like to do more of the pampering side of things like putting on a face mask, washing my hair, tanning my skin and painting my nails, as the maintenance side of beauty always makes me feel more put together and makes me feel my best self.

But I will also like to do more of the turning inwards and listening to my body to help figure out what I need to do to take care of me e.g if I’m feeling tired, I might head up to bed early and get an early night or if my stomach issues like my IBS are playing up I might fetch a heat pad and keep myself hydrated to soothe the unease.

There’s also making some time to watch my favourite TV show or picking up a book to read snuggled under a blanket. It’s those small little pleasures that really help me to reset and feel more together because I’ve made time for myself.

How I Reset To Feel More Together

Plan my content 

I’ve always been a planner when it comes to my blog and social media content. I love having a clear idea of what I’m going to be posting about. I used to work a month in advance but now I’m no more than a week in advance sometimes even a few days.

Having the chance to sit down and plan my content really helps me to get things out of my head, have a brainstorm of my ideas and plans before I then begin figuring out what I’m going to be posting and what my week is going to be looking like.

I’ll also take into consideration any brand work that I need to get completed as this can sometimes make me feel stressed knowing I have deadlines looming, so I always feel like having this time to plan content helps me to reset and feel more together because I know what I’m doing and what needs to be done.

It definitely helps to take off the pressure and makes me feel inspired too.

Respond to emails and catch up on comments

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with responding back to emails and catching up on comments on both my Instagram and blog because running multiple social media accounts and a blog can be so time-consuming.

I’ve recently just taken on another project so I’m trying to learn to prioritise my time and manage a new workload which has been quite the challenge as I haven’t been used to managing so much in a good few years. But it’s been a great way to step out of my comfort zone and put my skills into practice.

Responding back to emails and catching up on comments is super important to me as I hate falling behind with those types of things. I like to know that I’m keeping organised and up to date with everything so taking some time to do this always makes me feel more together.

How do you reset and feel more together?

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