How I Plan My Instagram Feed

How I Plan My Instagram Feed

One way I try to be consistent and organised with my Instagram is to plan my feed. Planning my feed has been so beneficial over the past couple of years because it’s helped me to be more regular with my uploads and means I can constantly put out new content.

Doing this has helped me in terms of growth and connecting with my audience.

So how do I plan my Instagram feed?

Use an Instagram planning app  

I’ve tried and tested a few Instagram feed planner apps over the years and the one I’ve stuck with the longest is UNUM. UNUM helps me to plan my feed by letting me see what potentially new photos are going to look like alongside my current feed.

This really helps me to see whether photos look right against the photos I’ve already got on my feed and saves me so much time because I can plan my feed for days or even weeks in advance. I love being able to switch in and out different photos to see what works best.

I couldn’t be without a feed planning app. They’re honestly so useful and are a great way to keep organised with your Instagram content. I would highly recommend downloading one if you haven’t already!

When I plan my feed I follow a particular mix of photos

I used to always post the same kind of photos which was flat-lays and product shots, but I have been enjoying taking more lifestyle and real-life shots recently because I love being able to add more of my personality and who I am to my grid.

So one way I plan my Instagram feed is by following a particular mix of photos. This consists of a flat-lay/product style shot and then a more lifestyle shot.

I’ve loved doing this mix as it means I can still continue to take flat-lays and work on my product photography skills to aid my business, but I can also throw in more shots of me.

Doing this really helps to give me a clear idea of what I’m doing and the theme I am following so I can stay consistent and organised when it comes to creating my content.

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How I Plan My Instagram Feed

It relates back to my blog

Instagram is the place that I get the biggest volume of traffic towards my blog so when it comes to planning my Instagram feed I always make sure that I am referring back to what blog posts are going up that week.

I basically plan my feed around them because it’s so important that I prioritise promoting my blog posts so I can keep any readers that follow me up to date with any new posts that have gone up. This also means I already have a good start when it comes to content for the week as I just need to create content for the days that I’m not promoting my blog posts.

Having my blog to help me plan my Instagram feed really helps to keep me focused and organised, as well as having new content to upload every week.

When I plan my feed I stick with a colour palette 

At the beginning of this year, I started to incorporate more pink tones into my photos because a lot of my branding is pink and I love pink, as well as owning a lot of things in this colour it made sense to bring more of this shade to my feed.

I now love to add pinks, greens, whites and brightness to my photos. But I am always open to experimenting with something new so watch this space. I think it’s always a good idea to experiment to see what works for you and so you don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over again for years and years.

Sticking with a colour palette when it comes to planning my feed definitely helps me to keep on track with the type of content I want to create and it also helps to create a cohesive theme. I love it when everything flows together nicely and this is always a top priority when I plan my Instagram feed.

Do you plan your Instagram feed? 

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