How I Manage My Time As A Freelancer

How I Manage My Time As A Freelancer One of my biggest struggles of going freelance is going from zero to one hundred real quick. I’ve gone from the girl who dedicated her days to looking after her mental health and blogging to having an increase in workload and new tasks to juggle. I thought it was only right that I shared how I manage my time as a freelancer with the new demands I have been met with.

I manage my time by always doing the more important tasks first

It’s seems pretty damn obvious, but I always do the more important tasks first. It is so important that I do this because it means I don’t have to spend time rushing these important tasks at a later date especially if they have a deadline. Instead, I’ll make sure that I have the time to put the hard work in and focus on the task to the best of my ability.

Any client work is considered an important task because I’m delivering a service to them as a social media manager and they’re the ones who have invested their hard-earned money into me getting the job done.

Make use of the time I do have

This one is definitely still a work in progress.

I find mornings and starting my day quite hard because I don’t have a set time to be up as such. I mean I do when Matt goes to work and he drops me home in the mornings, but I get to decide when I start and finish my working day so it can be hard to get myself in the mood to crack on.

Plus I take a sleep aid each night which means I’m so drowsy in the mornings. It does take me a while to wake myself up and get into working mode.

But I am trying to get better at making use of the time that I do have. If I have completed all the important tasks, then I’ll see how I’m feeling and what time I have to see what other tasks I can fit into my day.

On a Wednesday I work reduced hours because I have separate commitments, so the time I do have on a Wednesday I like to make the most of. This will usually mean me finishing anything off from the day before that can’t wait until Thursday or completing a task so that I don’t have to worry about it on another day.

I also like to wrap up any of the important tasks before the end of the week so I don’t have to carry the thought of what I need to get done over the weekend.

How I Manage My Time As A Freelancer

I manage my time by regularly taking breaks

My time definitely isn’t always working constantly because let’s be honest that is no way healthy. So I like to regularly take breaks throughout the day to avoid burn out, to look after myself and to clear my mind, especially on bad mental health days.

I’ll usually have a small morning break, a lunch break, of course, an afternoon break and I’ll restrict working in the evenings because for me that is my time to catch up with my loved ones, indulge myself in self-care activities and unwind from the working day. It’s so good to have boundaries like that.

I’ll also usually take weekends off unless I want to complete a few tasks here or there or I haven’t been able to work during the week for whatever reason. Again it’s the time of the week where most of the people in my life aren’t working and they’re free so I like to make plans with them and do more me-time activities.

Have a somewhat flexible routine

One of the big things that put people off freelancing is not having a routine. And one of the big things that push people to take the leap into the world of freelancing is having the freedom. So I like to combine the two and create myself a somewhat flexible routine.

I’ll carry out the same sort of tasks and activities week in and week out, but I won’t be so restrictive that I do literally the same thing over and over again. I like having the flexibility to be able to switch things up. It really does help me to manage my time better because I can dedicate how much time I can spend on each task.

Plus it does make a difference on bad mental health days because I can look after myself all whilst getting things done. But having that familiarity of a routine does also put my mind at ease and give me the reassurance that I know what I’m doing when I wake up in the morning.

How do you manage your time?

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