How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

For a lot of 2017 and the first 6 months of 2018, I definitely felt like I was falling out of love with blogging. It was quite a frustrating time because I didn’t want to give up blogging but I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Flashforward to now and I can successfully say I have fallen back in love with blogging since last summer, but even more so this year so far.

You might have come across this post after having lost your spark, feeling defeated with blogging and needing some kind of reassurance that you can find your love for it again.

So what helped me to keep going to get into a place where I fell back in love with blogging and not give up?

I ditched my schedule 

For the majority of my time blogging, I always put together a schedule. I would plan out my content for around a month which consisted of three new posts a week.

At first, this did really use to help to keep me organised and consistent, but last year I soon began to find myself feeling pressured to not miss a post and when it came to putting together a post that I had planned weeks before, I had lost all interest and passion for what I was supposed to be writing about.

So I ditched the schedule and can honestly say it was one of the best choices I made. Now ditching your schedule won’t be for everyone especially if you work and rely on your schedule to keep you on track, but for me, it really has helped me with taking the pressure off and enjoying more current posts as I go.

Now I only work to a week in advance, so say on a Friday I’ll have one or two posts in mind for the next week approaching, but I won’t go any further ahead unless it’s brand work that has a deadline. This really helps me with my creative freedom and gets me feeling more excited about the content I’m working on.

Limiting my time on Twitter

A long time ago, Twitter used to be my favourite social media app. I can most definitely say that now it’s my least favourite.

The past year or so,  I have found it such a negative space to be on. It’s not even the people I follow that are bringing me down, it’s either the news I see trending or the retweets that appear on my timeline that can leave me feeling far from good.

Also seeing other bloggers down about their blogs or something that has happened relating to the blogging world began to affect me in a negative way. I’d begin to doubt my own journey, my own abilities or my own love for all things blogging.

I guess I was taking on other people’s opinions and feelings, trying to somewhat relate to my own.

Another thing I don’t like about Twitter is the blogger drama. I tend to see less nowadays, which is a good thing, but a couple of years ago, it used to really get me down.

I know we can’t all get on, but sometimes it really just got you down constantly seeing people tear each other down.

Instagram is a lot more supportive and a community I want to be a part of!

How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

Engaging and building community

I think one of the stands out things for me that has rekindled my love for blogging the past year or so has been engaging and building a community.

Despite some of the negativity, the blogging community is one that is super supportive and I’ve made so many wonderful friends because of blogging. It’s so lovely to be able to chat with people who can relate and that we can bounce ideas off.

I love talking to other bloggers and those in similar industries to me, as well as my readers. It’s honestly like catching up with old friends. Whether it’s through the comments on my blog or on social media channels like Instagram, I love getting to connect with them and support them in any way that I can.

I’ve also found opening up more and getting personal with what I share has helped me to connect with people better. I always struggled and sometimes still do to get personal on my blog, but the more that I do this, the better I feel connected to my audience.

It really does help to start conversations with people.

I always felt like a bit of an outsider before I started connecting with people. I’ve always been branded the shy one and I guess online I struggled to get away from that.

I still do find it hard to make myself known and put myself out there, but over time, I have definitely been able to be more confident and have belief in myself, which has helped me to build my relationships.

Changing my mindset

To help me fall back in love with blogging, I really had to change my mindset. I couldn’t keep feeling bad and getting into negative habits that weren’t going to benefit me in the long run like comparison or being lazy with my content.

So I took my blog back to basics.

Ditching my schedule was included in this, but also reminding myself of why I started a blog in the first place was where I began. I thought about the reasons why I started a blog in the first place. Then I thought about what had helped me to get this far and why I wanted to continue.

Having this time to reflect really helped to put things in perspective and actually give me a clear sense of direction of where I wanted to go next, as well as what I needed to change to get myself back into a better place.

I now reflect more often than not as it really does help to put you in the right mindset and figure things out.

Now I try not to beat myself up if I miss a post or if I haven’t received as many views as compared with the previous week on my posts. I’ve started to get into more of a flexible routine and taking breaks at the weekends seeing as I work on my blog all week, it’s nice to have that time away to unwind and focus on other things.

I’ve also begun to believe in myself more than I can achieve what I set my mind to and to be patient with my journey.

How do you fall back in love with blogging?

24 thoughts on “How I Fell Back In Love With Blogging

  • I felt so similar to this until recently, where I too finally found my love for blogging again! I think not having a schedule has always made me feel like there is less pressure which I love. I couldn’t agree more with the community, it’s so nice to be able to catch up with other bloggers through a positive space xx

    • I’m so glad not having a schedule has worked for you as well! It definitely helps to take the pressure of which I love xx

    • Having a break from blogging no matter how long it ends up being is always good! It definitely does help to put things into perspective and helps you to figure out your next direction xx

  • I think going back to basics always helps, especially with something as huge as blogging – it helps you to fall back in love with the creative process of it all. Lovely post!

    Anika |

  • Ohh, I totally agree with about Twitter, Back along it used to be the place to be seen, but nowadays i’ll only hop on once or twice a day (ish) but only for a quick scroll, as I agree, it’s a different breed of people that you’ll find on Instagram. There’s always drama or negative news stories as you say. Plus, for me personally it really doesn’t drive any traffic to my blog and I feel brands are less bothered by our tweets these days and more interested in our Instagrams.
    Twitter is my least favourite too, and not having to waste time on there is so much better in terms of productivity.

    When our blogs are established over a period of years we don’t need to rely so much on social promotion for traffic. My orgainc reach accounts for more than 80% of my views, now with more than 200 posts on my blog. I prefer to spend my time updating my most viewed posts; and creating one or two new ones a week than messing about on Twitter!
    Fab, insightful post as always x

    Samantha |

  • I always go through phases of instagram making me feel bad about myself- it’s sometimes so hard to remind yourself that everything on there is a filtered version of reality and it can be so hard to get caught up in likes and followers!
    Chloe X

    • I’ve definitely been in that place before, Chloe! It’s horrible to get caught up in the comparison trap, but taking regular breaks and reminding yourself of the reality is so important xxx

  • I love this post. After my mum died in January, I literally just couldn’t get my head around blogging. I was so worried about not being popular enough that I forgot to write what I enjoy. My blog originally started as something I wanted to share – life as a working mum and I got lost trying to fit in all this fancy stuff that paid bloggers do forgetting I am definitely not a paid blogger. I am much happier now!

  • What a fab post! I totally agree that Twitter has declined over the years, it used to be considered the best with the chats and everything, but now there’s hardly any. Engaging with other bloggers helped me to get back into blogging too, it’s fab the conversations you can have with people you never would have if it wasn’t for this hobby xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Thank you so much, Hannah! I know right. The chats used to be the best and really group the community together. But now it’s just like a platform for negativity to breathe. I agree. It’s the best xx

  • I heavily rely on my schedule, so dropping it seems daunting. But one thing I’ve realised, is that it’s important for me to let myself be flexible with my writing, and not push myself because that won’t ever result in heartfelt, quality content. I love your other tips, especially the one about building community – that’s so important.
    Great post!
    Khanak x

    • I can definitely see how beneficial schedules can be if you work more productively to one or have a busy schedule anyway! They can really help to keep you on track and using your time effectively. But having flexibility is definitely important and does take that pressure off. I’m so with you on that! No one wants to publish content they’re not 100% happy with after all. Thank you so much, Khanak. That’s so kind xx

  • Great post! I schedule my tweets so I rarely go on twitter – I can’t stand drama and there’s a lot of it on there! When I get fed up with blogging, I take a break and then go back to basics. I just work a week in advance too – a month in advance would be too much pressure for me! xx


    • Aww thanks so much, Siobhan! I know what you mean. I’m so over Twitter drama! Taking a break is always great to refresh and stripping back to basics is definitely something I try to go always go back to. I know what you mean! It is way too much pressure and wipes all inspiration for me xx

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