Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

Hoola Bronzer Benefit Makeup

Hoola Bronzer Benefit Makeup

For those of us who have pale and light skin, finding a bronzer that isn’t too dark or orangey for our skin tone can sometimes be a problem. I’ve trialled a few bronzer’s over the past couple of years and have always found myself stuck in this situation. However after a sample of this product, Hoola has been the bronzer for me to solve this issue and produce brilliant results!

Hoola Bronzer has been a popular product in the beauty world for quite a while now. There’s no doubt about it as to why it is. It is simply such a great little product. This bronzer is the perfect shade for those with lighter skin tones and can also work brilliantly on those with darker skin tones. Instead of coming out too dark or orange toned, Hoola is more of a light shade of brown and is quite subtle. Because of this it doesn’t leave any harsh lines on your face. It creates a more natural warmth to your skin. In terms of the quality of the product, the texture of this bronzer is very smooth. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin and has more a lighter feel to it. Hoola is also very easy to apply and creates an evenly blend of product on the skin. I like to take this over my cheeks, down the sides of my nose, over my forehead and sometimes along my jawline using the Real Techniques Sculpting brush. 

For a price tag of £23.50, I definitely think it is worth the investment. I have had two sample sizes of this product and even with daily usage they have lasted me such a long while. It’s a great travel friendly size product, that comes equipped with a angled brush and mirror to make it easy to apply or touch up when you’re on the go. Anyone who is after a matte bronzer, then Benefit Hoola is one to try!

Have you tried Hoola?

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