H&M Brush Cleanser – Review

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

We all dread that certain chore that comes with being makeup obsessed. You know the one that you always put off and once it is finally done it’s a massive relief. Yes, I am on about cleaning your makeup brushes, those tools you use pretty much everyday to create a flawless base, perfect your go to smokey eye, to get your brows on ‘fleek’ and get that pop of highlighter on your cheek that would blind anyone in a five foot radius (highlighter obsessed girl’s you’ll know exactly what I mean.). 

But seriously, why do we hate washing objects that bring us so much benefit? Maybe it’s to do with the effort that comes alongside it, finding a product that actually rinses them thoroughly enough to not be contaminated with bacteria and prevent the dirt from clogging up our pores. I’m with you all on this. It sometimes is too much effort and a boring task. But I think I have a found a product that actually makes cleaning your brushes quick, easy and a little more motivating.

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

This is the H&M Brush Cleanser Spray from H&M’s beauty range. This product retails at only £2.99, so it’s an absolute bargain and wins when it comes to affordability straight away. The sleek glossy black finish to the packaging gives it not only a simple look, but also a bold stand out appearance amongst other products. The spray applicator makes applying the cleanser onto your brush for cleansing super easy. To apply the cleanser onto the brush it is a really simple and easy method which for me already sold me on this product even before I saw the finished results.

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

Method of application –

1. Grab the brushes you want to clean and something you can use to clean off the dirt such as a tissue, kitchen roll, cotton pads etc.

2. Next, take one of the brushes and spray the cleanser directly onto the brush head. For the first usage, I sprayed it around three times and then proceeded onto cleaning them.

3. Once the brush has the cleansing product on, move the brush in an up and down motion or swirling motion onto whatever you decided to use to deposit the dirt onto. As you can see, I used a cotton pad to do this.

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

4. You will then begin to see the dirt from the brushes appearing on your pad. Remember to keep checking your brush to see how clean it is getting from the spray. 

5. It will probably be a good idea to continue spraying more applications onto the brush to get a more thorough cleanse and to have more dirt deposited onto your pad. 

6. As you clean more of the brush, you will see it starts to return to it’s usual colour prior to your makeup application and the dirt build up.

Depending on the deepness of the brush and how dirty they are, you will find that some of the brushes will take longer than others to clean. But I think it is a quicker process than using other washing methods, such as baby shampoo or a soap bar. It doesn’t take long at all to spray the spray onto the brushes each time and you’re not wasting any water by doing it this way as opposed to if you used the shampoo or soap options. 

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

H&M Brush Cleanser - Review

As you can see from the images above, there has been a significant change in appearance in my brushes from the before compared to the after. Most of the product has been washed off the brushes and they are no longer as stained as they were before. The dirt from around the sides of the brush has also been washed out through spraying the cleanser directly onto this area and running it across your depositing tissue. Although I would probably give a deep cleanse through these brushes after a couple of months to really target the whole area of the brush, because as you can see there is partial stains left on the brush from build up of product and so you can really reach down into the bottom of the brush. But for quick and easy to reach use this cleanser is perfect!

I think this cleanser would work brilliant for anyone that is after a quick process when it comes to cleaning your brushes, a process that will actually make you want to wash them and not dread the task as much. Also it’s great for anyone who prefers washing them after every usage or every few days as it doesn’t take very long to do. This is also very travel friendly due to the size and also how handy it is to have in your makeup bag. I also believe this would be great for anyone who is a Makeup Artist and need’s a brush cleanser in their kit to use between different clients and services throughout their working day.  

Overall, I’d really recommend this to anyone who is after an affordable, easy and quick use brush cleanser. 

You can buy the H&M Brush Cleanser here.

How do you wash your makeup brushes? Have you used this spray? Would you use this spray?

Lauren x

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