Half A Year Update – Let’s Catch Up

Half A Year Update - Let's Catch Up

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are ones where I get to catch up with my favourite bloggers and see how they’re getting on. So I thought that I would do the same today and share a little half a year update with you. I don’t tend to do these posts very often but I love being able to reflect on things and to see how I’m getting on to help move me forward with my year.

I can’t believe we’re already into July and through the first half of the year. It’s just crazy! I always say it everywhere but the years honestly just fly by. I turned twenty-two a couple of months back and it’s crazy to think that six years ago I left school and had my high school prom. It’s just so weird how quickly time goes.

So how did the first half of the year go?

Last year was quite a challenging year for me personally. I went through a lot with my mental health and actually had to up my medication last September so coming into 2019 I had no expectations to be anything but however the hell I was feeling which most of the time works in my favour because there is no pressure.

I had a few goals in mind for the year and what I wanted to do but I wasn’t going to push myself too hard because I didn’t want to burn out like I did last year where I constantly pushed myself beyond my limits.

The first couple of months of this year were pretty ok, to be honest. I liked the idea of it being a new year and a fresh start. I also was working really hard on my blog for the first couple of months and my stats definitely reflected that. I was really enjoying blogging and everything about it. To be honest, I still am but I definitely have noticed a slip. But more on that later.

Toward’s the end of February and throughout March I began to steadily try to go freelance. I had been wanting to go freelance since last year so it had taken me quite a while to build the confidence and pluck up the courage to just go for it.

And in April I did exactly that!

I’ve been freelancing since the beginning of April and I’ve honestly been enjoying it so much. It was everything I was expecting and more. And I mean that in the sense of I knew it would be hard, I knew it would come with its disadvantages but as of right now I am ok with them and I accept them because I am in the best position I have ever been in so I couldn’t be happier.

It’s taken me so long to get a job with my mental health issues and I love the flexibility of freelance. It definitely helps me to look after my mental health better and gets me to decide how much work I take on and who I decide to work with. It’s definitely working for me right now and I’m honestly so proud of myself for getting to this point.

If you need a sign to go after what you’ve been wanting then this is it.

I believe in you. You so got this.

And because I’ve been so busy with running my own business my blog has been really hard to keep up with. I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job with juggling it all but it can be really hard at times. It’s definitely made me have a new found respect for people who work full time and blog consistently. Hats off to you all because of it SO tough to keep up!

I feel like because I haven’t had as much time to put into my blog my content has been slacking. I always notice a blip in engagement this time of the year as for most of my audience its the summer time and it means we’re more likely to not be sat on the internet, but I definitely want to spend the next couple of months getting back to what I know I can do best.

I’m thinking of having a content refresh and focusing more on personal development kind of content so like tips on motivation and productivity, organisation and self-help, behind the scenes and all the usual kind of content I post. I think it’s always a good idea to refresh your content to keep yourself interested but also your audience involved in something new.

Plus they just feel a lot more me right now and what I’m working on in real life.

In terms of mental health, I’ve bee doing fairly well, to be honest, and I’m a lot more in tune with how I’m feeling which helps me, in the long run, to work out how I need to look after myself. \

I had my first panic attack in 8 months the other week after Matt was in an accident and I had to go up A&E with him, but it was only one panic attack and after a few days I felt back to my normal self again which is just amazing progress as I’m so used to intense anxiety for days, weeks and maybe even months afterwards.

So I’m so happy and proud of myself for how I can have normal days and the good days outweigh the bad days by far. I also feel more equipped and ready for when the bad days roll around. I’m not too scared of them anymore either. I just try to accept my anxiety and my mental health rather than fighting it and pushing it out. I’ve almost strangely befriended it!

Half A Year Update - Let's Catch Up

So what have I got planned for the rest of the year?

To be honest not much.

And I kind of like it like that. It means less pressure. It means no expectations. It just means slow living and going through the emotions when they come because that works best for me as of right now.

I’m hoping to continue with my freelance life and running this blog. I hope to save up some money so I can put some investment into things like buying a new laptop, a new theme for my blog, upgrading my phone and maybe starting to learn to drive. I want to take on more clients and make my content more valuable as well as enjoyable.

I haven’t worked out in a month so I want to get back to that because I definitely think it helps my mental health and I always feel so much better after working out. I love getting my body moving. So I want to get back to that. We’re also thinking of getting the canoe back out now the summer is here so that will also be a great way to do a little bit of exercise whilst being out on the water.

I also want to try to read more over the next few months as since going freelance I haven’t had as much time to sit down with a book. Although I’m so close to completing my reading challenge on Good Reads of 10 books (which I know is a small target for some but I didn’t want any pressure and I knew that sometimes if my mental health is bad I can’t concentrate on reading).

Summer is the perfect time to sit down with a book in the sun. I’ve been doing that lot’s already so I can’t wait to read more in the sunshine especially now it seems like the weather is finally being more summer appropriate.

What’s new with you? How is your year going so far? How are you doing?

10 thoughts on “Half A Year Update – Let’s Catch Up

  • I think mental health is such a personal thing but once you’ve got your head around your own intricacies and how to deal with it, it can be a much smoother process. I’m glad freelancing is going well too!

    • Thanks so much, Cliona! That means so much to me. I hope you have a lovely rest of the year as well xx

  • This year is going so quickly isn’t it! It only seems a minute since Christmas!! A huge well done for plucking up the confidence to go freelance, it’s amazing Lauren! You should be proud! I’m so pleased to hear your doing well too. I hope you have a lovely relaxing Summer lovely xx

    Amelia | rosetintedpics.co.uk

    • It truly is going by so fast! I know right. So crazy. This Christmas will be here before we know it! Thanks so much. It means the world to me. I hope you have a lovely Summer also xx

    • Aww, thank you so much, Emmie! That is so lovely. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the post. Oh yes definitely do your own! It’s such a good way to reflect. Thanks so much. That means the world xx

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