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H&M Homeware | Winter #1

I love creating wishlists and lusting over gorgeous pieces! Recently, I have suddenly gotten this huge addiction to browsing and purchasing home ware bits for my room. It’s still not completely how I want it even though I only redecorated last year and I want to change a few bits and pieces. I can’t wait for the day when I have my own house and can decorate it however way I want to. 

Today I thought I would share with you a H&M home ware wish list! Unfortunately my local H&M store doesn’t stock their home ware section in store, so browsing from my phone or laptop screen on their website is the only way I can check out the collection. But here are some of my favourite pieces I found online. I decided to go with a gold and white theme purely because it is Christmas soon and I really like these two colours together.

2 pack candles – £2.99:

I think these candles will look great sat on a bed side table or unit in a bedroom or lounge. I think they will especially look great around Christmas time, as gold is more associated with that specific time of year. They’re really cheap too which is a bonus!

Metal box with a lid – £3.99:

I love the shape of this box! It’s really unique with the metal element and I think it can be used as one of those little boxes you put smaller jewellery into or small bits and pieces that don’t have a home anywhere else, such as bobby pins or hair bands. They’re the type of items that you always end up losing and always need a proper space for.

Metal pot – £7.99:

This metal pot also comes in silver and can be used a plant pot. As I’m not really someone who would use it for that, I would probably end up using it for a touch of decoration in a particular room to give it added details due to the design of the pot.

Mirror – £14.99:

This mirror is such a crazy shape. I think it would look great as a small entrance hall mirror, for when you’re in a rush and need to quickly check your make-up looks decent, before you rush out of the door. Or I think it would look quite nice in a bathroom with a similar colour theme.

Christmas motif cushion cover – £7.99:

I seem to have an obsession with cushions and now that there seems to be loads of Christmas ones about in stores and online, I am a little excited to say the least. I think this one is super cute and would look great on a Christmas themed bed or sat on a sofa in the living room full of Christmas decorations. Also I love the quote on the front!

Feather cotton cushion cover – £6.99:

This one isn’t Christmas themed compared to the previous, but I still love the feather design on the front and the fact that is it something different to what I would normally go with. This cushion comes in silver too. Also it has gold glitter on the front of it, so what more could you love?

Star cotton cushion cover – £6.99:

And again another cushion, surprise surprise! However, back on the Christmas theme, this all over star design just screams Christmas to me. I think this would work really well with the Christmas ‘make a wish’ cushion I have mentioned above. 

Spotted storage box – £4.99:

No one can never have enough storage. Storage is essential and especially important if you’re a bit of a hoarder, like myself haha!!!

Ceramic pot – £12.99:

This pot would make a great make-up brush holder. It’s fairly large and you could probably get quite a few brushes inside there. I also love the gold band round the bottom section of it, it’s simple but gives it something extra.

Scented candle – £9.99:

I love the whole look of this candle, with the different design on the jar, to the string round the top of the jar and the golden lid. It also smells like peony, which is always such a fresh scent, which I personally think is a scent that is perfect for all times of year. A great decor piece!

Metal basket – £7.99:

More storage facilities. But I would so use this metal basket to place like blankets inside in a lounge, so then you could just grab one if you ever felt a bit chilly and wanted to snuggle up in front of the tv. Or I would probably use this basket to pop bath and skin care products into, to keep them neat and tidy, but also to save space in other storage facilities. 

What are some of your favourite pieces from H&M’s homeware? 

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  • Ah this is such a lovely little wish list. I moved house last month but I'm putting off buying homeware until after Christmas.If I do it before everything I buy will be Christmassy.ox Lucy // theonewithlucy.blogspot.com

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