How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When It’s Hot


Do you ever have those nights during hot weather when you simply just cannot sleep? It’s muggy (not muggy Mike from Love Island, girls), there’s no air in the room and you find yourself tossing and turning more often than not.

Us Brits struggle a lot when we experience a heat wave during the summer months due to our lack of air conditioning. I thought I would put together a little guide of how you can get a good night’s sleep when it’s hot outside so we can say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to refreshed mornings.

Shower before bed

A great place to start is moving your usual shower time to just before you go to bed. Having a shower before bed will help you to cool down and feel refreshed from the busyness of the day. You’ll be ready to take on the challenge of getting into bed and attempting to sleep in the heat. It can also be a good way to calm and ease any night time stress that is caused by any general anxiety or night time anxiety.

Invest in a fan

I couldn’t be without my fan during the summer months. I keep asking Matt to get one so we don’t roast when we sleep at his. If you put your fan near the window, it can create a cross breeze. This means you’ll be helping to circulate cold air around the room and it makes such a difference to the temperature.

Remember to point it in the direction of your bed, so the air doesn’t just travel past where you’re sleeping. You can pick up cheap yet good quality with minimal noise fans most places this time of the year.

Limit the layers

One of the easiest ways to cool down is to simply strip off. This doesn’t just apply to the layers of clothing you might choose to wear to sleep in, but also the bed itself. Opt for a lighter duvet and lighter clothing. You could even sleep with just the sheet.

I prefer to still keep a duvet on as I find it’s just cosier, so I like to put on a light summer duvet instead. Get rid of any blankets and cushions from the bed to open more space on top of the bed. The bigger the airspace, the easier it will be to get the air flowing around.

Drink water

We all know how good water is for us and that we should be drinking more of it, but at night time when it is hot in particular, it’s even more important. Drinking more water will help to hydrate you, as our bodies tend to sweat more during warmer weather and therefore it means we lose more water.

Of course, don’t drink litres and litres before you go to sleep, because you’ll probably end up needing to go to the toilet several times through the night and it won’t be the heat that is preventing you from staying asleep.

A good idea is to have a go at freezing a water bottle before bed, so then when you go to get ready to sleep, you have an icy frozen drink right next to you whenever you need a sip.

Switch off early

To be in with a chance of getting a good nights sleep and staying in your sleep routine, then it’s a good shout to switch off earlier than you usually would. It might mean less time doing the things you love to do in the evening, like watch Love Island or reading a good book, but you’ll thank yourself later when you still get the right amount of hours sleep.

Switch off those electrics and lights (which can produce added heat) and instead unwind ready to have a good nights rest without missing out on those important hours.

How do you try and sleep when it’s hot?ย 

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