Go To Summer Lip Products

Summer Go To Lip Products

Changing up my lip colour is one of my favourite things about choosing what makeup I’m going to go for that day. It’s probably one of the few things that I do like to switch up from time to time, where as the rest of my routine pretty much stays the same. For summer I thought I would refresh my choice in colour with some lip products that are different from my spring lip choices (find them here). Here’s what summer lip products I’ll be reaching for over the next few months.

Summer Go To Lip Products

Summer Go To Lip Products

Summer Go To Lip Products Coral In Gold

Rimmel London – Coral In Gold 

Let’s start with more of daring one! Coral in Gold by Rimmel is what could be described as a bright coral themed lipstick with gold tones running through it. It look’s like an intense orange colour and a little scary, but once on the lips it’s actually not as in your face as you might have originally thought. It applies a light coral golden toned colour to the lips, which appears more like a balm finish than anything else. Because of this it is not drying at all. I’d say this lasts for around 3/4 hours maximum. This lip colour works great for more subtle make-up looks, when you want your lip to be centre of attention and would also work well with basic outfits where there’s not much colour involved. This is a great alternative if you want to go for something a little different, a bit out of your comfort zone and want to try something new. For £4.99 it’s definitely worth trying!

Summer Go To Lip Products Vanilla Cream Pie

NYX Butter Gloss – Vanilla Cream Pie 

I’m not a massive fan of lip glosses, but the butter gloss range from NYX are an exception! What makes them differ from the rest are that are they are not sticky whatsoever. The colour I will be wearing throughout summer from the butter gloss collection is the shade Vanilla Cream Pie.  It’s a pretty bright rosy pink colour.This is a shade that will suit most. It’s not too cold tone, but it’s not too warm either. It’s just right. Of course being a gloss, it does appear glossy on the lips but has a super creamy feel to it. These butter glosses smell amazing too which is an added bonus. Not only are they great quality, but also a great price at £5.00. Head to your local boots now and hunt them down!

Summer Go To Lip Products Crimson Red

Kiko Milano – Crimson Red

I don’t own too many reds in my collection, but after browsing the Kiko counters looking at the great quality Smart lipsticks I settled on Crimson Red. This has more dark pink undertones to it, which may be a bit controversial with the name of this lipstick, but it’s the perfect red lip for the summer season.  It’s very vivid and bright. It’s definitely a bold lip and one to be worn to make a statement. It has a very nice creamy texture to it and has a very nourished look and feel. This lipstick would be perfect for the festival season! I love smart lipsticks that Kiko do and they’re soooo affordable at £3.90!!!!!

Summer Go To Lip Products NYX Sydney

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Sydney

Another NYX products, but you can never have too many surely? Of course it’s a soft matte lip cream! This soft matte lip cream is in the shade Sydney. This shade is a bright pink colour that has quite cool lilac undertones to it. This is so similiar to Mac’s snob, which means that could be a great cheaper alternative priced at £5.50 (£10 less than Mac’s!!!) and one that is more of a 100% matte finish. I do find with this shade in particular that you do have to build it up a little to get a full pigmentation and it does go slightly strange looking on the lips after a while, like a quite peeling and chapped look to it. But it doesn’t have a dry feeling to it and these are honestly so creamy from the drying stages to the finished look. These so live up to the hype surrounding them and Sydney is a great shade for this time of the year!!!

Summer Go To Lip Products

What are you go to summer lip products? Have you tried any of the above?

Lauren x

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