Getting Your Feet Sandals Ready With FootnerUK*

Getting Your Feet Sandals Ready With FootnerUK*

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Now it’s the start of June and the start of the summer if you live here in the UK, I thought it was about time that I shared some tips on getting your feet sandals ready. Despite having to get your feet on show, sandals are one of my favourite types of footwear to wear. I know I personally feel more confident to bare my feet when I’ve prepped them.

Soak your feet

If you’re on your feet a lot of the time to and from work, you have a high activity job or you genuinely feel the most pressure on your feet, regularly soaking your feet can be a great way to not only ease any aches and tension, but also soften your feet including your toes and cuticles.

You can easily do this by running yourself a warm bath to unwind in at night, popping the plug in the plug hole when you’re having a shower so your feet can soak in the water as it fills up slowly or you could even invest in a foot spa to soak your feet if you want to make the investment.

Plus let’s get real here and go totally tmi, who wants to go out with stinky feet? Not me. So soaking them is always essential when it comes to getting your feet sandals ready.

Exfoliate your feet to get sandal ready 

One product that has actually inspired this blog post are these exfoliating socks* from FootnerUK*. Before trying these I had never tried exfoliating socks before and always used an exfoliator to exfoliate my feet so I was so intrigued to see how these worked.

Now before we even go into my thoughts and my review on the socks, I will note that the process of these socks can take up to anywhere between two to three weeks. Within that time, you’re not allowed out in the sun with your feet out for a week after the peeling process has finished.

So if you’re wanting to use these for any upcoming events like a wedding, a holiday or even just day to day summer fun, then I would use them sooner rather than later.

To begin with, you have to soak your feet in some warm soapy water to clean them and prepare them for the socks. Once you have done that, you can then put the socks on which go on with such ease. Although the socks were quite big on my small feet, so to help the product absorption,  I would recommend putting some of your own socks over the top to secure them.

As soon as you put the socks on, you instantly feel a weird yet cold tingling sensation across your feet. This is totally normal so don’t be alarmed. At first, I wasn’t so sure if I liked it but over time I just got used to it and knew that it was part of the process.

You have to sit with the socks on for 60 minutes so I would definitely say do this when you have plenty of time to relax and do nothing as you can’t walk around with the socks on as they can tear. So pop on the next episode of your favourite TV series, check out a new film or sit down with a good book for the next hour.

Getting Your Feet Sandals Ready With FootnerUK*

After the 60 minutes had passed, I removed the socks and then soaked my feet in warm water to remove the product off my feet. My feet actually felt quite soft after using the socks but of course, you won’t see any noticeable changes just yet.

To be honest, my feet prior to the exfoliating socks were in a pretty good condition. I had a couple of small hard bits of skin but nothing bad at all. I don’t really tend to suffer from dryness on my feet so I wasn’t 100% sure how well the socks would work on me.

Although when I woke up the next day I don’t know if it was just coincidence but I felt like my feet felt really hard on the bottoms of my soles and at first they felt somewhat sore to walk on. I don’t know if it was just me or the process beginning but it was a change I noticed.

I tested the socks on a Thursday, so for Friday, Saturday and Sunday I actually didn’t note any changes to my skin. I thought it would have worked quicker so I was surprised I didn’t see anything. But after I read other people’s reviews, I realised that it can take a few days to notice changes.

And boy I wasn’t prepared for what came on Monday!

I had seen some photos online of other people’s feet during using the process and thought ‘Nah my feet won’t be like there’s, they’re not that bad to start with’ but I was so wrong. My skin had begun to start peeling all over the bottom of my foot even from the tips of my toes to the bottom of my heel.

By Tuesday I had so much peeling and dead skin on the bottom of my foot that I was so shocked at how much dead skin I must have had sitting there all along. It was quite gross to look at and whenever I stood barefoot on the carpet in my room I could feel the dead skin. But at least I knew it was actually doing something.

To help with the peeling process, I spent the next few days soaking my feet in the shower to help speed up the process and get rid of any annoying peeling skin that hadn’t dropped off yet. You should have seen the amount that I would find inside my socks after the day.

Also, you can rub lightly at the peeling skin in the shower to soften it which I did a lot to help speed up the process because it wasn’t so much the feeling that was beginning to annoy me, it was just the fact that I couldn’t get my feet out in the sunshine and had to hide my feet away for nearly three weeks especially as we had hot sunny days.

So if you’re impatient like me then make sure you’re doing all you can to speed up the process. Some people’s peeling process will take longer than others as it depends on how long it takes your skin to regenerate so don’t worry if yours is taking what felt like forever as mine did (I’m so dramatic!)

By the Tuesday nearly two weeks later, my feet had finally stopped feeling and if in all honesty, I don’t think my feet feel all that different but I think it is mainly down to the fact that my feet weren’t in a bad condition to start with. I still have a bit of hard skin on one of my feet unfortunately so I’m a little gutted I didn’t see any differences or get more out of the socks.

Although it does feel good to have got rid of all that dead skin and now I do feel more sandal ready for the summer ahead.

But I think if you’re someone who is constantly on your feet, has dry and your feet are in a bad condition, then I would definitely recommend giving them a try as I feel as though you would probably benefit more than I have.

You can buy the socks from Boots and Superdrug.

Getting Your Feet Sandals Ready With FootnerUK*

Moisturise those feet

Another way to get sandals ready is to moisturise your feet often. I know I don’t moisturise my body and in particular, my feet enough so reaching for a moisturiser more often is never a bad idea.

This can really help to prevent dryness and leave your skin feeling so smooth. I’m definitely going to try using more now I’ve got rid of all the dead skin off my feet and instead try to maintain the soft condition of my feet.

Some of my favourite body moisturisers are from Soap & Glory and PalmersUK.

Prepare those nails

For me, I can never go out with my sandals on if I haven’t prepared my nails. I can’t stand having bare nails on my fingers let alone on my toes. Although there is nothing wrong with having bare nails at all it’s just my personal preference. I guess it just helps me to feel more together.

Treating yourself to weekly at home pedicure is a great way to ensure your nails are keeping in the best condition they can be. File, buff, shape and paint your toenails to get your feet sandals ready. I love going for pink or red on my toenails. They’re my go-to shades and always look pretty.

Sun protect before you get your sandals on 

Now this one might be a bit of weird one, but I always find that on a hot sunny day when I’m protecting my sun against UV damage, I always tend to forget about my feet and then end up with sunburnt on them. It happens every single year so this year I’m determined to look after my feet more.

Remembering to apply sun cream on your feet is definitely a must for me especially the tops, sides and around the ankle where you’re exposing your feet to light.

So when you’re getting ready to head out, don’t forget to pop on some sun cream to your feet just before so it’s not sticky and doesn’t make your sandals feel uncomfortable.

How do you get your feet sandals ready?

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