Getting The Most Out Of A New Season

Getting The Most Out Of A New SeasonEven though there are some parts of the year that I hate, I try to embrace each season as much as I can to enjoy the time of the year as much as I can. With spring now coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to share ways you can make the most out of a new season and use it as a great excuse to do something you’ve never done before or to get excited about life again!

Make the most out of seasonal events

With each season comes celebrations and fun things to get yourself involved in. It’s a great way to boost your seasonal spirit and make loads of memories. Us millenials have a great ability to throw ourselves into any kind of celebration, whether that’s bonfire and fireworks night or a summer bank holiday, we’re always on the quest to soak up as much of the season as we can. Schedule in some events for the new season. There might be some fun events happening in your area like a halloween ghost walk or some traditional celebrations you could try hosting yourself, such as a summer garden party with all your friends and family. Having things in place over the course of each season can be a great way to embrace each day and make memories to look back on with years to come. 

Some seasonal events and activities…

  • Spring – easter egg hunt, easter baking, mothers day lunch party, picnic in the park, go blossom hunting. 
  • Summer – a garden party, outdoor movie night, day at the beach, attend an outdoor music festival, stand in a field of lavenders, go fruit picking, go on a road trip, 
  • Autumn – chestnut picking, halloween ghost walk, trick or treating, pumpkin picking, bonfire night, firework displays. 
  • Winter – christmas markets, go see santa, go to the theatre, plan a valentine’s day, chinese new year street fun. 

Schedule in some much needed me time

Aside from the midst of fun and celebration, remember that you also need sometime to yourself and a new season is the perfect way to take a step back from the busyness of everyday life. You could plan to catch up on some much needed rest, up your self care by doing the things you love to do, have a pamper and make yourself feel good, reflect on the year so far and gather your thoughts, do some planning for the next few months, whatever it is that you want to do to feel good again, a new season is a great time to recharge your batteries and get back into a good headspace. 

Set some new goals

If you’ve not been feeling your best lately or like things haven’t been going so well, then maybe it’s a good time to set some new goals you can try start and achieve over this new season. You might have set some goals at the start of the year, they may have worked out well or failed completely. But a new season brings the chance of starting fresh and having another go at achieving something you want to. Goals are also a great way to boost your mood and motivation by having a challenge to work towards. So make this the best season yet by going out there and getting done exactly what you want to!

Try something new

One of my favourite things about a new season is the ability to try something new. I use to be the worst person for trying new things, but now I love it as it gives me the chance to grow and experience new exciting things. We all know how beneficial stepping out of our comfort zone is and a new season can be that extra bit of encouragement you need to do exactly that. If you have been putting something off over the course of the year so far, then right now in this moment with a new season ahead of you, it can be the best time to start!

How do you try to embrace every season?

Lauren x

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