Getting Bronzed For The Summer With PalmersUK

Getting Bronzed For The Summer With PalmersUK
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If you’ve been a reader of my blog or followed me on Instagram for a good few years, then you might be familiar with how much I love Palmers as a brand and how much I love their gradual tanning moisturiser. It’s been my absolute favourite for years so when they kindly sent me over a bundle of their products for getting bronzed for the summer I couldn’t wait to share them!

Palmers – Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion*

Starting with my number one for so long, it’s the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion*. A few years ago when I started my hunt for the best tanning moisturiser, I tried a good couple before my friend Hannah recommended me this exact one from Palmers.

Ever since then I have fallen in love with it. It’s the best tanning moisturizer I have used because not only does it smell like cookie dough (uh, yes please!) but it also works so quickly and is super easy to use. If you’re not very brave when it comes to faking your tan, I’d definitely suggest opting for this tanning moisturiser as it’s so easy for beginners and helps keep your skin super hydrated.

You know when somebody lotions have that thick sticky feeling after you’ve applied them? Well, thankfully you do not experience this gross feeling with the Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion*. So if you’re heading to bed and don’t want your sheets sticking to your legs or slipping on your jeans to start the day, you don’t need to worry about waiting for your tan to try as sinks in within a few minutes.

In terms of the actual tan itself, I find that after one or two uses of this tan I can already see a golden bronzed look to my skin. I usually tend to apply one layer in the morning and then another in the evening. This really helps to give you an instant tan. And if you repeat the same steps on the daily, you can easily maintain your tan each day keeping you feeling bronzed for longer.

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Getting Bronzed For The Summer With PalmersUK

Palmers – Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Sugar Body Scrub *

Moving away from the fake tan, next up is the Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Sugar Body Scrub*. I’ve never tried a body scrub from Palmers before so I was excited to see the results. As you can probably already imagine, this product smells so coconutty and reminds me so much of a summer holiday.

When using this in the shower on damp skin, I found that it applied really easily and didn’t feel harsh on the skin at all. If anything it felt really soft and smoothed over my skin with such ease. Although I didn’t really find that it helped massively with scrubbing my body as I had no immediate softness or smoothness. If anything it just gave me a light soft feeling, but nothing major or different.

The same could be said for any dryness I was experiencing. My elbows have been quite dry lately but I think that’s from using a tanning mousse. Unfortunately, when I hopped out of the shower, I still had some dryness and dead skin on my elbows, so it didn’t exactly help to completely get rid of it or buff it away, but after a good few uses, I definitely felt like it did begin to make a difference.

Now my elbows are definitely in a much better condition!

Palmers – Coconut Oil Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion*

Another coconut oil formula* from Palmers that I’m not very familiar with but this time this is another natural bronze body lotion. Obviously, this one contains coconut oil as opposed to my favourite cocoa butter formula*, so I was super excited to see how this one compared to my all time favourite.

Unlike the cocoa butter formula that smells very chocolatey, this one obviously smells similar to the coconut sugar body scrub. It’s got the same coconut smell and is that perfect summer fragrance. 

Compared with the cocoa butter formula*, I found that the coconut oil formula* was more on the runny side but I can only presume this is because contains oil properties. This actually made it easier for me to rub in as it instantly absorbed into the skin but I did find this one to be more on the sticky side.

But did it work in the same way in terms of being a tanning moisturiser?

The answer is yes!

The two work in the very same way. After a couple of uses, I found my skin to have a gorgeous natural looking bronzed look which is so perfect for this time of the year. I love how natural these tans look as not only are they so quick and easy to apply, but they also look so gorgeous on the skin.

I also find they last a good amount of time on the skin even if you don’t do daily upkeep. For me, this is a winner and definitely comes close to my favourite, but I think I do prefer the body butter formula* just because it isn’t as sticky. But either for me work great at creating that desired bronzed look for summer.

Getting Bronzed For The Summer With PalmersUK

Palmers – Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub *

And the final product from Palmers is the Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub*. Now this one I’m not really sure I’m a huge fan of the smell. Don’t get me wrong Palmer’s products smell incredible and coconut is such a lovely scent, but for some reason when I used this the first time it smelt like dog shampoo. Maybe it’s just me. But oh well!

Although the body scrubs itself I much prefered over the coconut oil sugar scrub*. I found this one to work a lot better in terms of exfoliating my skin to remove those dead skin cells and instead leave my skin feeling so smooth. In particular, I found this to work really well on my arms and legs. This one I definitely feel like I will get more use out of now the summer months are growing closer.

I also loved how gentle and non-harsh the cocoa butter scrub* was just like the coconut oil sugar scrub. It felt really gentle and non-irritating which is always a bonus. I hate those scratchy scrubs that make your skin feel sore and itchy. But this one is in true Palmers form by being super smooth and leaving your skin feeling amazing.

What’s your favourite Palmers product? How are you getting bronzed for Summer?

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