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Whilst it is completely normal to experience a lack of inspiration when it comes to blog post ideas, it can be quite annoying when you want to be consistent and put content out there for people to see. I like to come up with new ideas frequently and find I am very rarely out of ideas, so here’s how I generate more ideas for blog posts.

Look back at your old posts

Now, this may seem like a fairly obvious one, but the amount of new posts I have been able to come up with from looking back at my old content has been a great help. Look back at old topics you covered, see if you can expand on what you said before or if you can focus on a particular area of the post. This will help you to come up with fresh new ideas quickly.

An example of how you couldย expand on your ideas could be, if you originally wrote a blog post on ways to look after your skin whilst you’re travelling, you could then do a blog post on looking after your mind or body whilst you’re travelling. Whereas, if you wanted to focus on one area of your original post, you could write a post on how important it is to use sunscreen.

This method can also be applied to your social media content and in particular Instagram. Take a look back at your old posts, see what worked best in the past and if you can update any of these posts to fit in with your current thoughts.

Read old comments

Like going back over your old posts, taking a look back at old comments from your readers can help you to figure out what kind of posts people want to see. When taking a look back at your feedback, see what people liked about your post and see if you can get a good sense of what they might have been struggling with.

I like to do this from time to time as it helps me to pick out posts I can write that will either help or inspire other people. The other week I did a post on my blog photography process and someone asked me what my favourite props were and where I bought them from. From this, I could plan to do a post on either styling your blog photos, blog photography prop ideas or where to buy affordable blog photo props.

Ask your readers

One of my favourite things about blogging is engaging with people and starting discussions. Don’t be afraid to ask your readers for ideas. You can either ask them up front what posts they’d like to see on your blog or you can ask them a question relating to a particular subject matter to help spark a conversation which can lead to further ideas.

Not only are you enhancing your own inspiration, you’re also making your readers feel apart of the process and building and improving your relationships with them in the process.

Take in what’s around you

Sometimes inspiration is looking right at us, but we’re just so wrapped up in trying to think of new ideas and looking at a blank page, that we forget to focus on what’s around us. Take a step back from trying to think of new ideas and focus on what is really going on for you right now in the present.

This could be how you’re feeling, what’s going on in your personal life, an achievement you’ve recently made or a challenge you’ve faced or you’re currently going through. Write about your experience, share your tips on handling it or how you’re going to attempt to deal with something.

I used this exact technique the other week when I was stuck for beauty post ideas, I went to sort out my makeup drawers and found myself creating a makeup look from the products I was pulling out. It can be a simple step like that which can spark new ideas.


Other things to do:

Go through your wardrobe and find new outfit ideas or style pieces you could talk about

Read a book or magazine, note down certain words or pictures that catch your eye or inspire you

Go outside and live your life, whether that’s going to work, seeing friends or taking a walk in the fresh air. Let your mind wander.

See what other people are talking about

Social media is a great place to figure out what other people are talking about. Every minute of the day there are new opinions and articles shared around the world for people to see. There’s always something that someone is talking about and this can really help you to see what you can add to.

Take a look at what the trending topics are. Just recently in the UK, we’ve had a heatwave, so you could come up with a number of blog posts surrounding the summer and the heat, like travel tips, summer skin care, how to stay cool in the heat etc.

If you see anyone suffering from any problem in particular, perhaps they’re struggling with depression or staying fit, you can write a post and share your own tips with those who may be in need.

Dedicate the time to brainstorm

I’ve been trying to dedicate a time to brainstorm blog post ideas more and more recently. It helps to prevent me from running out of blog post ideas and kicks start a new lease of creativity. This could be a good idea if you struggle with motivation and trying to manage your time.

Sit down with your laptop, the note section on your phone or your notebook, once a week for 10 minutes or whenever you feel would best suit you. Start with a word or a topic that is relevant to your blog or what you’d like to write more about.

For example, if you wanted to write more posts on vegan meal ideas, then you could start with vegan meals. Then expand onto vegan breakfast ideas, vegan snack ideas, vegan lunch ideas, vegan drinks. From there you could then go onto, affordable vegan snacks, quick and easy vegan lunch ideas, what I eat in a day as a vegan.

How do you generate more ideas for your blog posts?

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