First Impressions – Soap & Glory ‘Glow and Dew It’

First Impressions - Soap & Glory 'Glow and Dew It'

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I feel like my most said phrase since starting my online platforms a few years back is ‘I love a dewy and radiant look’ because I do and I really do not see that changing anytime soon! So when I was lucky enough to receive the new Soap & Glory ‘Glow and Dew It’* range I was super excited to have some new products in my collection to continue my beloved glowy and dewy look.

Today I am going to be sharing with you my first impressions of the ‘Glow and Dew It’ range. The range contains two products also known as the ‘Glow & Dew It‘ Skin Illuminating Base* and the ‘Glow & Dew It’ Luminous Concentrate Elixir*.

Both of these products are just simply stunning to look at from the get-go. Pretty packaging always wins me over and this is simply no different. The range is so Soap & Glory but also fits perfectly with the theme of the range. I also love how they’re packaged. It makes applying both of the products really easy.

Starting off with the ‘Glow & Dew It’ Skin Illuminating Base* this is a product that can be used multiple ways. You can either apply this straight to the skin as your base or you can use it as a primer under your makeup to enhance that glow.

It contains vitamin e which helps to provide the skin with nourishment, jojoba seed oil which is great for moisturising, as well as lindera root extract that illuminates the skin from within. As you can imagine all of these ingredients work perfectly together to create that hydrated, fresh and glowy base.

The product itself is a wet liquid formula that is quite a bronzey almost peach shade with light pearl shimmer running through it. I’ve used the ‘Glow & Dew It’ Skin Illuminating Base* in both the ways that you can wear it and love them both.

I probably sway more to using it as a primer rather than on its own. It can almost give me a ‘peachy’ look to my lighter skin tone if used on its own or even mixed with foundation, but I can imagine with more of a tan this wouldn’t look too out of the way. So that’s why I prefer it to use it as a primer base for the rest of my makeup.

It gives it such a radiant glow ready to apply the rest of my makeup. The shimmer isn’t too overwhelming and creates such a fresh healthy glow. I also find it works well at keeping my makeup intact. I still had a glowy fresh look come evening after wearing makeup all day!

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First Impressions - Soap & Glory 'Glow and Dew It'

Moving onto the ‘Glow & Dew It‘ Luminous Concentrate Exilir* which is probably my favourite out of the two just because it is so beautiful to use. This is also a multi-use product. You can mix it in with your foundation to create radiance and bring added moisture to the skin. Or you can use it on top of your makeup as a highlighter to give you a radiant glow.

I love using this on top of my makeup as my highlighter to give that radiant glow. I love how natural and fresh it makes my skin look. Sometimes powder highlighters can look quite chalky and not very natural but this is the total opposite.

I love the look it creates and I’m already so excited to wear this when I go on holiday in the summer in the evenings to give that sun-kissed glow! It has quite a champagne-gold hue to it so might be too light or too dark depending on your skin tone but I find it works quite well on my own.

The ‘Glow & Dew It’ Luminous Concentrate Exilir* contains a whole range of ingredients that help to create that glowy and radiant look. It also contains vitamin E and jojoba seed oil like the Illuminating Base*, hyaluronic acid which is great at intensely hydrating the skin and plumping muscles and squalane a balancing ingredient with powerful age-defying properties.

Overall I’m really impressed with both of these products and I know that they’ll be my go-to’s over the next few months especially with the warmer months on the way, I know they’ll be perfect for continuing my love for a dewy and glowy base, but also will work so well to suit the change in season.

Do you love the sound of the ‘Glow & Dew It’* range? 

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