First Impressions – Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial Plan

First Impressions - Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial Plan

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It feels like forever since I last did a first impressions blog post so it felt only right to share my thoughts on the new Vitamin Complex Facial Plan* from one of my favourite skincare brands Freshly Cosmetics.

You guys know how much I love Freshly Cosmetics and how much I have enjoyed working with them for nearly a year now. I always love everything I’ve tried from them so as always I was super excited to receive the new Vitamin Complex Facial Plan*.

So what is the Vitamin Complex Facial Plan*?

It’s a duo of two products that go by the names of Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum* and the Bloom Orchid Face Cream*.

First Impressions - Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial Plan

They both are a combination of the best natural antioxidant technology for your skin that helps to increase hydration, improve skin smoothness, block pollution and reduce redness and inflammation caused by stress.

The Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum* contains a high concentration of plant-derived Vitamin C that prevents and reverses the signs of skin ageing. Whilst The Bloom Orchid Face Cream* focuses on hydration and reduction of skin stress through vegan hyaluronic acid, Salicornia, red algae and Mexican Agastache.

As you can tell there are so many benefits to these two products.

First Impressions - Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial PlanFirst Impressions - Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial Plan

So what are my first impressions of the Complex Facial Plan*?

After cleansing using my Freshly Cosmetics Fresh Green Micellar Water* and following up with the   Detox Purifying Toner*, I went in with the Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum*. The serum itself is a very bright orange colour with an almost gloopy like texture that easily melts into the skin once applied.

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It’s got a very fresh and almost peach-like scent to it. It wasn’t too overpowering either it’s quite a refreshing subtle scent which is always good. I applied 3 drops onto the back of my hand and then applied it all over my face.

As mentioned before, once applied to the skin it absorbs really easily and feels really nice on the skin. I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of hydration from my first impression but I did notice how soft my skin felt.

After using the serum*, I then finished my skincare off with the Bloom Orchid Face Cream*. I’ve never used a cream/moisturiser from Freshly Cosmetics before, so I was so excited to try this and have one of their creams in my collection.

First Impressions - Freshly Cosmetics Vitamin Complex Facial Plan

Compared with the serum*, the face cream* is a lot paler in terms of colour but the textures are quite similar compared with other creams I have tried. This almost has more of a serum texture to it than a cream moisturiser that I usually tend to go for.

The scent is pretty much the same as the serum* in my opinion which is probably one of the reasons why they work so perfectly as a duo.

Once I had begun to rub this into my skin, upon my first impressions I noticed that it ended up turning into quick a thick cream that I found hard to rub it into my skin at first.

I don’t know if this was because I put way too much on or if it’s just how the cream itself is but it did take me a while to make sure that all of the product was absorbed. Again I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of how my skin looked upon my first impression testing, but what I did notice was the texture and feel of my skin.

As I am writing this and still within that first testing, I’ve noticed my skin feels so smooth and like it’s really well moisturised. It feels so soft and fresh which is the kind of feeling you want after having makeup on all day and going about your everyday.

It is the dream for your skin to feel just as good as it did when you first applied your products first thing in the morning come later on in the day so my first impressions after this were so good.

I am really looking forward to using these two new additions from the Vitamin Complex Facial Plan* and to continue testing them over the next few weeks. I really hope the smoothness and soft texture of my skin continues because I love how it’s made my skin feel from my first impression. I was super impressed!

Also, I hope to see some of the other benefits like hydration, reduction in redness and if I have any breakouts, I would love to see how it works on that. For me, this is always the decider as to whether I’ll continue to use a product because if it somewhat contributes to helping my breakouts then it’s a keeper.

I’ll definitely be doing an update post on my thoughts to add on from this first impressions post within the next couple of weeks either on my blog or Instagram so keep an eye out for that!

What’s your biggest skincare problem?

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