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It feels like forever since I last did a fashion post and in particular one about jewellery. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite jewellery pieces as I feel like no outfit is complete without some jewellery. These picks are the kind of pieces I wear on a day to day basis or more regularly than not.


Starting with my everyday go to, this gorgeous pink faux leather strap watch with gold detail is the piece that I am always sporting every single day. Whilst it is easy to check the time nowadays on our mobile phones, I still prefer to have a peak down at my watch to see what the time is when I’m out or busy working.

As I’m a petite girl, I always struggle to find the perfect watch size. I hate the really small watch faces as I don’t find them to be very flattering on me, but the popular average kind of size, that most people wear, I find way too big for my tiny wrists. But this watch face sits and fits just perfectly. It is so flattering!

Also, you know how much I love my pink and gold combinations, so this watch is my go-to colour scheme with the mix of pink and gold details. Even though these watch colours maybe more sorted to the warmer months of the year, I can still see myself pairing it with my autumn and winter outfits. It’s just such a classic piece and one I could not be without!

Plus it was so affordable. It was only Β£12 from Louvisa. This just proves you don’t always have to buy designer to get a lovely looking watch. They’re so many lovely ones on the highstreet and online for such affordable prices. I’ve left some of my favourite affordable ones below.

MyFavouriteJewelleryPieces5Next up is a set of earrings that I was lucky enough to receive as one of my twenty-first birthday presents from my parents. This earring set is by the amazing Kate Spade. I’ve always admired Kate Spade’s designs, so have a pair of her earrings makes me feel so grateful. This set was actually a set that my Mum wasn’t supposed to get, as the ones she wanted to give me she couldn’t find, but I absolutely love these!

They’re so dainty and understated which I absolutely love. Minimalistic jewellery is definitely my favourite kind of jewellery as it’s just so easy to wear every day. I’ve been wearing the silver pair and copper pair every day so far, but I know I’ll be saving the other yellow gem looking pair for more dressier events as I feel they would suit that better. I also love how this set of earrings comes in a little pouch, which makes everything feel luxurious and is great for being travel-friendly too.

MyFavouriteJewelleryPieces3-2The next set of earrings are ones that I sometimes go for but have definitely seen better days. Although I still very much love them and get wear out of them despite that. These silver hoop earrings are also from Louvisa. They were also really affordable, like only a few pounds, so a complete bargain just like the watch was!

I don’t tend to wear these as much as I did last year, but I still enjoy wearing them for when I’m feeling a little edgier with my whole look or for more dressier nights out when I want to be more bold with my style.

These hoops, in particular, are a good size as well. I’m not a huge fan of how big hoops look on me, but these are just a great size for the kind of look I want and definitely look more flattering on my face shape too.

I also had a gorgeous pair of gold smaller hoop earrings from Louvisa, but I lost one of the hoops and I was so gutted about it as I loved wearing them so much. They were my favourites.

Unfortunately, Louvisa doesn’t sell them anymore, which is an absolute shame as I would so have repurchased them I loved them that much!


I always used to wear chokers, but I’ve completely gone off them the past few months. I much prefer a more dainty necklace, but necklaces are something I do struggle to remember to wear often. They’re definitely a piece I have to be in a certain mood to wear. I don’t think they look right on me for some reason either.

This is one of my favourite necklaces though and the one I do wear when I do wear a necklace. This is from JewelleryBoxUK and it’s their silver chain infinity necklace*. They kindly sent me this over last year, but I’ve loved it ever since. It’s such a minimliastic piece, but it has such a lovely meaning behind it with the infinity symbol. Again, another really affordable piece and one that is really good quality too.

What’s your go-to jewellery piece?Β 

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