Fall Back In Love With Blogging

Fall Back In Love With Blogging

I think most of us can all agree that the blogging world has been a bit strained the past few months or so. With the drama of Bloglovin, Instagram and other bloggers bashing each other, blogging can sometimes make you feel a bit deflated and unsure of whether blogging is something you still want to be apart of. Lot’s of us have noticed our hard work go to waste with certain apps making things harder for us to get noticed, there’s also people cheating their way to the top by buying fake followers and playing games, resulting in some of us going on digital or social media detoxes to get away from it all. I know it’s not just me who’s been feeling a little burnt out and fed up with everything that has been going on. So I really wanted to share this post with anyone who has been feeling a bit ‘meh’ about blogging lately and needs some help in falling back in love with this hobby that was actually pretty damn fun! Here’s what I have been trying to do to fall back in love with blogging:

Have a break –
This is a pretty obvious one, but having a break from anything and especially blogging is something that is very beneficial. Of course, you don’t have to completely walk away from it all if you don’t want to, but maybe limiting your social media usage each day or not posting for a week or two on your blog can help you refresh your mind and make you come back stronger. Remember you can take all the time you need. Don’t feel like you need to rush a break either or that you can’t take more time. Be away for as long as you need to. People will understand and you shouldn’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. If you need to have a much needed break, then do it and follow through with it. If you still want to be productive during this time, perhaps have a think about what it is that you used to enjoy about blogging and what you could do to get that back. Another good idea would be to brainstorm some ideas for future posts or ideas for an area you really want to improve on when it comes to your blog.

Have a refresh – If you decide to sit down and have a little brainstorm about what you really want from your blog, then there might be some things you really want to improve on and you’re probably going to wonder how you’re going to get to where you want to be. Ask yourself some questions – What do you want your blog to be recognised for? What type of blogger do you want to be? Who are some of your favourite bloggers and why do you like them so much? What type of posts do you want to put up? What are some of your most popular posts and why are they? Is there anything technically or design-wise you want to change? Answering some of these questions will get your  brain working and really enable you to figure out what blogging means to you. From this you can learn and plan ahead to get back to it when you’re ready to. 

On the other hand, you can leave all of this till you want to get back into blogging properly. As I said, there is no rush. Instead get out there and  live! Get enthusiastic again and go get that inspiration. It’s right out there. All you need to do is step out that door and grab it with both hands. 

Keep reading blogs – Before you started a blog, you probably read blogs and really enjoyed reading them so much so that you wanted to create your own. Go back to that if you don’t currently read any blogs or stick with it if you still do read them, even if you do decide to take sometime away from it all. I always find that reading blogs has me itching to get back into creating new content. Seeing what others are doing can also motivate you to get your sh*t together. Remember to think about those things you love about their blogs. Also go back and read your own posts, not matter how old and outdated they may be, it’s always great to see how far you’ve come and how much you enjoyed creating them back in the day.

Remind yourself – It’s slightly cliche, but reminding yourself why you started in the first place is so helpful in clearing away these lackluster feelings regarding blogging and instead bring back a similiar mindset to what you had when you first started. Also think about why you’ve been blogging for so long and why you didn’t think to give it up before or if you have think why you decided to stick at it. Remember how it made you feel to create the posts you have and be apart of a community (without the drama, haha) of likeminded others. Think about all the achievements, positive experiences and things you have learnt from running your own blog. I can assure you that it hasn’t always been doom and gloom, has it? Exactly! Praise yourself for what you’ve been able to create, even the small simple achievements, what probably have meant a lot to you. Think about all the things you still have to give and the individual personal success that could come from carrying on. 

Be practical – If you’ve been feeling out of love and down about blogging for a while, it’s more than likely that it won’t take a few days for you to get out of the funk. It will probably take a good few weeks for you to ease yourself back into it and get back to a good place. As I mentioned before, you don’t need to rush it or feel disappointed or guilty for neglecting your blog. It’s still going to be there and your trusty readers will too. Post when you want to and when you’re ready to. Also ensure the posts you are putting up are ones that you truly feel passionate for and aren’t just being uploaded just for the sake of it or just to fit in with the crowd. Be you rather than anyone else. That’s what people like you for!

Comparison is the thief of joy – In a digital age, it can be so easy to constantly compare yourself to everything and everyone you see on the internet. We’re all guilty for doing it and it is so sad that we continue to do it even when we know that what we saw on the internet isn’t the complete reality. It’s just a highlight reel. The same goes for blogging. When you’re feeling low about blogging as a whole, comparing yourself  to other bloggers can lead you onto a path of negativity that you start associating with blogging more and more. You might begin comparing your stats, your photography or writing, the friends other bloggers have made or the events they’re going to, maybe even the PR packages others are being sent. Instead of comparing yourself to them and wishing for their same ‘success’, use this to drive your own motivation to get to where you want to be in your own way. Make the right changes for you and not to please or be like anyone else. This will be sure to help you fall back in love with a new spark of energy behind you, instead of knocking your confidence and passion. 

How are you feeling about blogging right now? Are you burnt out or loving it more than ever?

Lauren x

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12 thoughts on “Fall Back In Love With Blogging

  • Great tips, Lauren!I did a TOTAL revamp of my blog today! There's nothing quite like a 'fresh cut' to get the blogging inspiration going!I'm so with you on the comparison bit! I'm still working on that though!Stephwww.socialspying.com

  • Think all of us have been hit recently with this block! I think reading blogs is such a good way of bringing back the happiness and joy of blogging. It's also so inspirational to read blog posts of others. I'd dread reading my old posts back haha!Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  • If I'm honest, I'm actually loving blogging at the minute. I'm so happy with the content I'm publishing and my daily stats. I'm constantly feeling inspired and I have to tear myself away from my laptop to take a break from writing. I try not to get involved with all of the drama, mostly because it doesn't concern me, but I also don't want to be weighed down by it all.Olivia – The Northernist

    • Ah please share me your passion for it haha! Mines gone missing and I want it back. Aw that's lovely to hear. That's made me feel so pleased for you xx

  • I've been enjoying blogging lately again, I went through a stage of being uninspired but it's slowly coming back. I'm also loving what bloggers are posting at the moment.

  • I couldn't agree more with taking a break, it's the best way to think of new topics you want to write about!Lauren x Huggled

  • I think that taking a break and then having a refresh can be the perfect way to fall back in love with blogging. It's hard to not compare yourself to other bloggers sometimes but as long as you're happy and writing about things you love then the rest will come. Danielle || Miss Danielle

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