Fake Tan Tips For Newbies

I’m nowhere means a fake tan expert, but I am someone who is also a beginner to the whole fake tan thing like yourself reading this. I’m always learning about easy and quick ways to fake a tan, whether this is using my trusty tanning moisturiser or perfecting my application, I have managed to pick up a few handy tips along the way to help any other fake newbie achieve their best fake tan at home.

Start easy 

As mentioned, I much prefer to use a tanning moisturiser over any other tanning product type. When you are just starting out using fake tan, it is a good idea to start with a tanning moisturiser. They’re a lot more easier to control and convenient to anyone who wants a fuss free tan.

When you’re working on getting a hang of your application, tanning moisturisers can help you perfect it by building up the coverage each day. They help you to get used to the process without having to make any huge noticeable mistakes. It is worth starting with a tanning moisturiser before you go in with anything more permanent like a mousse or oil.

Always exfoliate and moisturise before

To prepare your skin for the application process,  you need to be aware that you must exfoliate before you tan. Exfoliating will help get rid of any dead or dry skin, enabling a smoother and fresher application. This will help prevent your tan clinging to any dry patches and keeps your base fresh right from the start.

Once you’ve exfoliated, you can go in with your moisturiser. This will also help combat those dry areas, but keep your skin well hydrated. Remember not to tan straight after you’ve applied moisturiser, because the product needs to sink into the skin and dry first, before you go in with the tan.

When moisturising the fingers, make sure they are well moisturised as this will help more in the application stages.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Upon first use, you’re probably not going to fall in love with a product type straight away. It’s good once you’ve had a go at using a tanning moisturiser and worked on your application, to have a good trial of some different formulas until you find the one that works the best for you.You can mix and match your formula e.g using an oil on your feet and a mousse on your legs. Newbies, be aware, if you want to tan your face too, use a tan that is specifically for the face.

Wear loose and dark clothing after

Now it’s the summertime, we can get away with sitting with our bare legs out. Use this to your advantage when tanning, because you’re going to need loose and dark clothing after you have applied your tan to avoid any of the product transferring onto any clothing or furniture.

To prevent any product going on any bedding or seating, pop a towel on top before you sit down. Wait between 4-6 hours before washing off your tan. If you want, you can easily sleep in your tan and wash it off in the morning. I do this all the time and it works just fine.

Go round in circular motions

To achieve the best tan application, start from the bottom of your body and work your way up. Going round in circular motions will help you to create a smoother and more even application. This technique is very easy to grasp and remember for future applications. Remember to add product as you go along so you have the same amount of coverage. as well as making sure you don’t miss out any areas. This will help prevent patchiness.

Watch out for your feet and hands

One of the things we all dread when applying fake tan is the feet and hands. This is because these areas have the tendency to go patchy or the tan can cling to these areas due to a buildup of product and appear darker than the rest of the body.  When this happens, lets be honest now, it isn’t a good look. Guess who went out the other week with a fake tan strip on her foot? Yeah this girl, right here.

To avoid this happening to you, first make sure you do these areas last. With the leftover product from other parts of your body, use a tanning mitt to go over these areas to create a more natural finish. Once you’re done, you can clean up the areas where you wouldn’t usually catch a tan. These are areas like the nails, palms and between the fingers. This will also help to create that more natural tan look.

Make use of the tools you have

There are so many useful tools out there on the market to help you with your tanning application. A tanning mitt is a great option to pick up when you’re a newbie as they’re just so easy to use. I couldn’t be without mine. They help to achieve that smoother application, which is of course, is what you’re after when faking your tan.

What’s been your biggest fake tan mistake?

8 thoughts on “Fake Tan Tips For Newbies

  • One of my biggest fake tan mistakes has to be when I applied tanning moisturiser on top of my spray tan that had been on for a week, so it was very patchy and uneven by that point. Don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I could just ‘fill in the gaps’ with a bit of tanning moisturiser, hahaha!! Luckily I realised what the heck I was doing pretty quickly and got in the shower and exfoliated all the old spray tan off before starting fresh! Definitely wouldn’t do that again. Loved this post Lauren, so informative and useful for people that aren’t used to fake tanning! xo

    Hannah | ohhelloitshannah.co.uk

    • Hahaha aw no!! To be honest, I would have probably done the same thing, so not to worry haha!!! Yes starting fresh is the best thing to do, as you can work with a base and build from there. Thank you lovely!! I’m glad it came across that way xx

  • These are great tips Lauren. A few weeks ago I used a spray tan but the application was really fast, I had to leave home suddenly, so I ended up with colored legs. Next days, I ll take my time for better results.
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

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