End Of Year Blog Survey 2018

End Of Year Survey 2018

If you’ve been a reader of my blog and following me on social media for a while, then last year I put together an end of year survey to help me get to know my audience better and figure out what direction I was going to take my blog in this year.

I’m doing the exact same again this year with an end of year survey. I find these so helpful in figuring out what improvements or changes I need to make, what has been working and how I can continue with that, what my 2019 blog goals and plans may be.

Plus it’s really exciting to see the results come in and the feedback can really boost my motivation, so I find doing these end of year survey’s really beneficial for the future of my blog.

So this year I wanted to share it a bit more than just on my Twitter and my Instagram because not everyone who reads my blog follows me on my socials, so it seems to make more sense if I share it with the people who actually read my blog as well.

The survey won’t take you very long at all. It will only take around five minutes maximum. There are 14 questions in total surrounding my blog, social media and newsletter, so not every question will apply to everyone. You don’t have to enter your email or any other details so don’t worry about that.

You can view and carry out the End Of Year Survey here or you can fill it out down below!

It would mean the absolute world if you did and would be a massive help in putting my content plans into place for 2019. Last years survey results helped me out so much and I definitely feel like they were the starting point in me having one of my favourite blog years of all time.

Thank you so much if you do complete the end of year survey!

I’m so grateful for your support and help. I’m sending a massive virtual hug your way.

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