Easy Ways To Combat The Monday Blues

Happy Sunday lovelies! I’m sure as you’re reading this the feeling of dread is creeping in when you realise how close it is now to Monday and the start of a new work either back at work or in education. Even though I work from home, I still get that feeling of slight dread sometimes when I realise it’s a new week and the weekend is over. Although sometimes I can combat those things we like to call the monday blues with a few helpful tricks and also ways to ease myself into it being a new week again. 

Prepare ahead – Monday is going to come round one way or the other. There’s no way you can avoid it. So instead of trying to run away from it, why not prepare yourself and plan ahead? Get ready for Monday at the weekend or on Friday evening. This doesn’t mean you have to sit there and go through all the things you are dreading about this particular day. It means getting everything you need ready, so you’re not having to do it all come Sunday night or Monday morning. Remember that the sooner you do it, the more time you can spend enjoying the weekend and soaking up the fun. This approach will make everything easier for you come Monday and will put you in a better mindset for a fresh week.

Schedule in something exciting for the week – Either the week before each week or during the weekend, schedule or write out your plans for the upcoming week. By doing this you’re giving yourself the chance to see what fun things you have in store and you can use these to help motivate yourself to get through Monday. Some ideas you could schedule in include having dinner out one night (perhaps Monday?!), making a delivery to come for Monday or sometime during the week, perhaps you could go on a date night with a new lover or your longtime partner, maybe even get the girls round for you all to unwind from Monday, purchase a new outfit to wear for Monday, try a new lunch idea and consume it for Monday lunch or have a good sense of what your working week will be like and ensure you have some good things to look forward to. 

Have a positive attitude – Of course we can’t be positive all the time, but if you go into the week feeling more positive and have a can do approach, you’re more likely to have a good successful Monday and week by doing so. Drive belief in yourself that you will achieve what you want to and that your Monday will be good. Have optimism and praise yourself. Be appreciative and grateful for the chance to start a new week. By doing small things like this and just checking in with yourself to see if you can change any negative thoughts into more balanced ones will help massively.

Make a good start to the day – Following on from the previous point, if you have a good positive attitude to start the day with alongside a good start to the day then you’re ensured to have a great start to the week and be ready to overcome any obstacles that might crop up. Have yourself a good breakfast that’s not going to leave you feeling groggy by mid morning. Hydrate yourself to prevent dehydration ruining your day ahead. Be organised and ready to go (you’ll already be over half way if you’ve prepared before hand). Do things that you know will boost your mood, such as listening to your favourite playlist or wearing your favourite lipstick. Limit any distractions that you know will make you not want to start the day, such as watching the news or sitting around on your phone. 

Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, focus on getting through the day and what amazing things could potentially happen once you’ve started the week. 

Have an evening plan in place – Know that when you get up on Monday morning, that you have a plan for the evening in place. By doing this you’re giving yourself something to look forward to and also the chance to unwind from the day if things haven’t gone that great. It doesn’t have to be all bad. If a day at work has gone rubbish, knowing you can come home to a nice evening will help boost you back up. Look forward to some much needed self care, a chance to relax and rest from a busy weekend and the back to work feeling. Take sometime out for you and focus on only you. Enjoy a nice long soak in a warm bath, grab a book to escape into it, indulge in your favourite treats and have a much needed pamper session.

Get outside – If you’re stuck working in an office or classroom all day long, then it’s no wonder you’re going to have the Monday blues. At any time during the day or even to start the day off ensure you’re getting outside, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If you can, instead of going by bus or car, walk to school or work. Perhaps get up an hour or so earlier and go for an early morning jog to help wake you up and get some exercise in you before you start the day. By doing these two things, you will easily help to release some endorphins and get some fresh air to refresh you before you’ve even started the day. These are both amazing ways to get a good start to the day! You’ll be able to lift your mood and wake yourself up properly without feeling sluggish. If the sun is out and it’s a nice day, you’ll also be getting your dose of vitamin D which is going to promote good health too.

How do you try combat the Monday blues?

Lauren x

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