Easy Brush Cleansing With Real Techniques

Easy Brush Cleansing With Real Techniques

I bet if I asked you what your least favourite thing about being into makeup is, you would most probably come back to me saying that cleaning your makeup brushes was your most dreaded task. It’s a feeling we can all relate to and has us wondering whether anyone actually likes cleaning them. The only part I enjoy is the results afterwards. Nothing is better than feeling that clean brush on your face when applying makeup. It makes for such a smoother application.

I always cleaned my makeup brushes by using the palm of my hand as my surface to clean on, then applying baby shampoo onto my skin, before putting my dirty brush into the soap to wash it. As you can imagine, if you are using 10 or more brushes in your makeup application, it is such a lengthy process to then have to clean all of these brushes with just your hands. 

Lately I’ve been testing out the Real Techniques Makeup Brush Cleansing Palette Tool and it has made such a difference to the way I clean my makeup brushes. I was so surprised at how much easier it was to clean with a palette than my own hand. It probably doesn’t sound like much of a change, but the great thing about this palette is that it has three different surfaces. The first surface that has the larger circle bristles is for face brushes, whilst the second surface with the cross bristles is for eye brushes and the third surface with the smaller dot bristles is for even smaller brushes like your lip brushes. 

Easy Brush Cleansing With Real Techniques

As you can see, this palette caters for all the different brushes within your collection and because you can be specific with what area will work best at cleaning what brush, you save yourself a lot of time. The brushes wash quicker when they are cleaned with the appropriate palette bristles, as they really help to get into every corner and strand of the brush, leaving you with sparkling results after less than a minute on each. I absolutely love the concept of this cleaning palette! 

So what actually is my method of cleaning now?

  • By using the useful slip feature underneath the palette, I put my hand under it and hold it this way, before I then apply my cleanser onto the palette e.g a clarifying shampoo.
  • Now the palette is in place and the shampoo has been added, I’ll wet the brush in some warm water, but it’s important not to soak it at this stage!
  • Next I’ll swirl the brush into the cleansing palette on the appropriate surface, so if it was my foundation brush, I’ll move it in circular motions around the larger bristles.
  • Once I can see that it has all been clean, I’ll rinse the brush under some water again, as well as the palette to get rid of the soap, so it is then ready for the next brush to be cleaned.
  • I’ll lay the now cleaned brush to the side to rest (although after all your brushes have been washed, you can lay the brushes on top of the palette to dry on there)

It’s a really simple process to follow and may sound like it might be time consuming repeating the same steps, but because of the bristles on the palette, it makes the process a lot quicker than if you were to scrub the brushes on your hand. It definitely makes the whole cleaning process a lot more bearable and almost motivates me to get it done because I don’t run the risk of ruining my hands like I use to when I cleaned them on my palms. My hands use to get so dry and sore after cleaning my makeup brushes on them. Now I don’t run that risk happening anymore because the palette protects that. It’s also lot easier to handle and take care with each brush than my previous method, as it cleans them with such ease.

Easy Brush Cleansing With Real Techniques

You can buy the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette from Superdrug or BootsUK

The only downsides to this palette is that it can sometimes get a little tricky to rinse off the dirty water. If you’ve used a larger brush that is really dirty, then you may find all the unclean soap bubbles and water get stuck in between the bristles, so it might mean you have to try a little harder at rinsing all the remains of the bacteria and oils off the palette before you move onto your next brush. 

Other than that I don’t have any other negatives to say! If you want a handy tool to use when cleaning your makeup brushes, then it’s definitely worth checking out the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette. It’s something different and can help change your approach to cleaning your makeup brushes without that sense of dread. It’s an easy method to follow and really does a thorough clean of your brushes by getting into the hard tricky bits through the use of the correct surface bristle. 

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Lauren x

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