How I Ditched My Schedule & Fell In Love With My Blog

How I Ditched My Schedule & Fell In Love With My Blog

Falling in and out of love with my blog has been something I’ve been dealing with for the past 18 months or so. I’ve never hated blogging nor have I ever regretted starting a blog, but I seem to get into this cycle of loving my blog, having loads of inspiration and putting out posts consistently to then struggling for ideas, getting frustrated when certain things don’t work out and therefore hating what I’m doing.

After my blog got cloned back in May, I decided I needed to switch up the way I worked on my blog and how I related to it. For about two years, I would always work to a strict blogging schedule, uploading posts on certain days and certain times each week. I’d plan around 12 posts each month and by each one, I’d plan the dates they would be uploaded on.

Whilst this could keep me extremely organised, most of the time I felt pressured to put a particular post up on a certain day and the moments when I couldn’t create said post for whatever reason, I would then beat myself up for not being organised enough, not using my time wisely or for something going wrong to stop me e.g a bad lighting day for photos.

It got to the point where I was spending more days feeling like blogging was a chore and not an enjoyable hobby like when I had first started when everything felt more flexible.

This is when I had finally had enough of feeling this way and ditched my strict blogging schedule.

Nowadays, instead of planning my posts months in advance, I now aim for planning my posts no more than a week in advance and more recently I’ve been only creating posts a couple of days or the day before the post actually goes live.

I still try to aim for three posts a week as I feel as this is more achievable and a good number of posts for my readers to catch up on, but if I don’t manage to put up three, whether that’s because I’m having a bad mental health period or because I’m lacking inspiration,  then I don’t beat myself up for it and trust that people will still be there to read my blog when I’m ready to come back.

How I Ditched My Schedule & Fell In Love With My Blog

Of course, having a blogging schedule is definitely great for people who can make it work and find they are more productive, consistent and successful when they are sticking to a posting schedule. Schedules also might be great for those who work full time or don’t have much free time to be flexible with their blog posts.

But for me, ditching my blogging schedule, really helped me to fall back in love with blogging again.

Instead of putting up low-quality content to fill my planned schedule or forcing myself to find inspiration, I now only upload content I’m truly happy with and have worked hard on. If this means I go a week without posting, then so be it.

I hate posting just for the sake of it. There’s no point to it.

The same can be applied with blog inspiration. If you have none and you’re constantly searching for it, it’s less likely you’re going to find it. I always find inspiration comes to me in the most unexpected moments. When I start living and go about my every day, then I notice the inspiration hits me usually out of nowhere and I’m suddenly bouncing around with so many new ideas.

I’ve also noticed that by ditching my blogging schedule I actually write the posts I want to right at the time. When I was planning each post for a particular time across that month, I found that when I actually came to create this post that I had once been so excited to put together, I was now actually lacking inspiration and enthusiasm for what I was writing about, because I had been waiting so long to put it together.

Now I actually write about the things I’m passionate about at that moment in time or what I’ve currently got going on in my life, which feels a lot more natural and more like I’m documenting each stage of my life, rather than setting every post in place for some irrelevant time in the future. This has made everything feel a lot more genuine and honest in my writing because I’m sharing how I’m truly feeling at that moment not days or even weeks later.

To be able to love my blog and blogging more than hate nowadays has been a massive relief and all it took was me ditching my schedule, being more flexible and not beating myself up when I can’t get a post up.

Do you have a blog schedule or are you more flexible with your posting?

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