Desk Essentials To Add To Your Work Space

Desk Essentials To Add To Your Work Space

My desk space is a really important space for me in terms of work, productivity and inspiration. I need a space that is going to help me work better and harder. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this, so I thought I’d put together some desk essentials you can add to your desk space to really make it a place where you feel as though you’re ready to get to work.

A desk planner

This may seem a fairly obvious one, but I couldn’t be without some form of planner on my desk. Whether this is a desk planner orΒ my diary, a desk planner really helps me to be aware of what I’m doing from week to week and gets me to really focus on what actually needs doing. A planner is a great way to get organised and keep your motivation levels high so they’re definitely an essential. Schedule in some time before your week starts to get your planner ready to start a new week.

Some sticky notes

I find sticky notes really helpful when you want to scribble down some ideas or important details when they spring to mind or when you haven’t got the time to open up your diary. They’re also great at sticking anywhere like your diary (as mentioned), your calendar, on any documentation or other important copies you have near your desk. You can even use different coloured sticky notes to colour code different things and really increase your organisation.


I’ve always been a stationery lover and no desk is complete without some form of stationery. Pens, pencils, highlighters, rules, rubber eraser, whatever you need, don’t forget to include it somewhere on your desk in a pot or a pencil case, whichever suits you better. Whilst we can depend on things like our phones, computer or tablets nowadays, it’s always good to have some physical tools around you to write notes and important info for future reference, maybe when you’re away or having any issues with technology.

Desk Essentials To Add To Your Work Space

Motivational signage

You know those times when you need a bit of a pick me up? Well having some motivating or inspiring signage somewhere on or around your desk can really help to get you back on track. I love having inspirational and motivational quotes nearby. I have one of those peg letter boards which I change quickly to keep me feeling inspired and to suit however I’m feeling that particular week. There are also things like postcards and quote cards that you can pin up on boards or sit in holders, which again you can change as often as you like to keep things fresh within your workspace.


Now, this may sound a bit of weird one, but we all know how important drinking regularly is to keep us hydrated and our concentration up, so it’s always great to have a drink nearby. But you’re going to need something to put this drink on when working at your desk, so having coasters on hand is a great desk essential. They not only remind us that we need to keep up our drink intake, but they also prevent our desks from staining from wet marks.

A lamp

This is something I really want to add to my desk, but a lamp is perfect at setting the right lighting for when you’re sat at a desk. The winter time brings dull and bad lighting days and we might work through to the evening when it gets dark, so it’s a good desk essential to prevent eye strain. It’s also good to bear in mind the type of lighting you’re going to have. You don’t want something that’s too bright nor do you want something that’s really dull either.

Flowers or plants

Adding flowers or plants to your work space can really help to bring a fresh and natural feel. I love to have some form of plant or flowers in my space to keep things feeling good and full of life. When you go for something bright or colourful, it can create more of an inspiring and positive feel to your desk space. Plus if you want to add something more colourful, but you’re not really sure how to without going overboard, plants are a great way to add some greenery and to bring the outside in.

What’s one of your desk essentials?

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