Current Makeup Wishlist

Current Makeup Wishlist

Due to the crap weather we’ve been having the last couple of day’s in the UK, I have been unable to create the post’s I originally had planned for today due to rubbish shooting conditions for my photos. However, there’s always an alternative option that everybody loves. Of course, it’s a makeup wishlist! My wishlist for makeup is always endless, with new product’s launching and new discoveries being highlighted in the blogging world there’s always something I’ve got my eye on. Here’s what’s on my current makeup wishlist and be sure to let me know what’s on yours too!

As you can probably tell, I’m a massive fan of NYX and I’m so glad it is more accessible here in the U.K now, but not so much fun for my non existent funds. However I do have a few product’s from this brand that I am really after right now. The first is the NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade which I have actually wanted for the longest time. Not only is it super affordable, but from the review’s I’ve read it sound’s so good and a dupe for the famously known Anastasia Brow Pomade. The other two product’s I have on my wishlist from NYX include the Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator and the High Definition Blush in Pastel Chic. I’m obsessed with dewy and glowing skin, so the liquid illuminator sound’s perfect for what I want and I think Pastel Chic look’s and sound’s like such a pretty shade that would really suit everybody. 

Another brand featured within my wishlist is Charlotte Tilbury, a brand that I have only ever tried one product from before, but so eager to try more from this luxurious range. A palette I’ve had my eye on since last year is the Luxury Colour-Coded Eye Shadow Palette in The Vintage Vamp. This palette look’s so perfect for Autumn/Winter and creating those gorgeous berry and gold coloured eye looks. The other product is another eye based product and one I’ve heard great things about is the Legendary Lashes Mascara, like most of CT’s range has the most stunning packaging ever!

On the topic of eye makeup, another palette I have gone all heart eye emoji for is the latest Urban Decay basic’s palette release known as the Ultimate Basics Matte Eye Shadow Palette. I absolutely love the original basic’s palette and use it on a daily basis, so to see a new basic’s palette with double more shadow’s really makes me want to try this, especially since I’m wanting to experiment more with matte shadows. The other product from UD I’ve featured on my wishlist is the All Nighter Makeup Spray that I so badly want to try to see if the product actually lives up to the hype and the claims of holding your makeup in place for up to 16 hours. 

Next is two very affordable highlight based products. The first is the Sleek – Face Form palette, which was featured in a quite recent post of mine ‘Product’s I’ve Hit Pan On‘. Since I’ve hit pan on this, I really want to repurchase a new one of these. I just love the usability of this product and the shades are just such a great match for my skin whilst being stunning also. The other is one from Makeup Revolution and is quite new on the market, the Ultra Pro Glow is screaming at me every time I go into Superdrug, it literally just keeps begging me to buy it. How could you ever resist those gorgeous easy to wear shades though? This one is a huge must!!!

Moving onto lip products, which I just want to say a quick disclaimer that if I could I would have a lot more lip products on this wishlist, but then we would simply be here all day with how many I am after. A girl can never have too many lip product’s, can she? Anyway, one that supports the matte lip trend that everyone has gone crazy for is the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in the shade Queen B. First off, I love the name of this shade and second, I’m so in love with the medium toned mauve colour. It look’s so wearable and I really like the packaging of these too. The second is another product I have had on my wishlist for quite some time now and is Soar Lip Liner by Mac. I really want this so I can wear it with Mac’s Brave.

Finally, I have been wanting some new makeup brushes since mine are getting pretty old and have been very well loved. I’ve known about Spectrum brushes for the past year now and they literally do such pretty brushes. They’re quite pricey at first glance, but I think if the quality is there and the amount of brushes you get in the set, as well as any cases and the high quality look of them, then they definitely seem worth it. The Marbelous 12 Piece Set is such a lovely set of brushes and look’s so minimalist yet luxurious. 

What’s on your makeup wishlist right now? Have you tried any of these product’s mentioned?

Lauren x

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