Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

I’ve been beauty blogger for over two years now, writing my views on different products I’ve tried and tested, as well sharing tips and tricks I’ve learnt since my passion for makeup began. But just because I seem to have a good understanding of the beauty world, it doesn’t mean that I’m not guilty of doing a few certain things that may not be expected from a beauty blogger. I have some confessions that a lot of you can probably can relate to as well, but also ones that are confessions of my own.

I don’t wash my makeup brushes weekly – I’m even lucky if I do it monthly sometimes. It’s so gross when you think about it. But it’s just a task that we all put off for as long as we can (usually when our skin starts paying for our laziness) until we have to cave and do it. It is very rewarding though once it has been done. And as silly as it sounds, it kind of makes me feel like I have my life together when they’re freshly cleaned and ready to go (lol). 

I’ve sometimes been too lazy to cleanse my face properly – Here was me spouting last week to properly cleanse your face and wash your brushes regularly in my beauty tips I swear by post, but I know we all can relate to being way too tired to cleanse our face properly at night. All you really want to do is stay in bed, shut your eyes and drift off to sleep. When this happens, I usually just run a face wipe around my face and hope for the best. Then regret it in the morning when my skin looks like sh*t. 

I can’t describe shades whatsoever – When it comes to writing reviews of products or describing things to someone, I cannot for the life of me of describe them. I know what the colour is but to actually describe it I just sound like I’m waffling on a load of rubbish. So if you ever read my reviews, I do apologise and now you’ll know why I sound like I’m struggling haha. 

I’m guilty of wearing patchy fake tan – This one is one I definitely am guilty of during the summer months. Sometimes I can get a perfect application with no problems at all. Other times I have missed an area or applied too little so it does give that patchy look. It’s not a great look I know, but I’m a newbie so don’t be too hard on me. Plus most of the time it goes patchy towards the end and I have to leave the house with that tiger bread look, before I can come home and scrub it off in the shower. 

I don’t own a lot of high end makeup – If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a long time then you should probably already know this one. But if you weren’t aware, then I am a massive drugstore makeup fan. I love the affordability of it and how amazing it is when you find some great quality products for only a few pounds. This means it’s much easier to repurchase products I love and not spend a fortune on it. It’s also means I’m quite guilty of having a bigger makeup collection. 

I’ve never had my eyebrows waxed or threaded – It probably shows this one haha, but I’ve never had my eyebrows professionally done. All I do is tidy them up every so often with a pair of tweezers and a spooly. Obviously if I could afford it, I’d love to have someone sort them out properly and give me #browsonfleek, but right now I just have to make due with plucking and hoping for the best.

I can’t do winged liner – Someone please teach me! This one I just never think even suits me, so even if I could do it perfectly, it probably would still look rubbish on me. But anyone who can do it well, hats off to you. I admire you so much and need your skills my way please. I’d love to be able to do a precise line and incorporate it into my makeup looks. Maybe I’ll whip out the liquid liner and give it a go again. If anyone has any tips, then please let me know. 

What’s your biggest beauty confession?

Lauren x

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20 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

  • Ah I loved reading this! I'm just like you when it comes to describing colors, I'm a mess ahaha! I know what color it is, but as my native language is not English sometimes it's really hard to explain what I want to say.xxCarolina's Makeup Life

  • Love this post. I’m the same with brushes, I definitely don’t wash mine weekly either. I know some enjoy it but I hate it! I also wear patch tan, especially if the previous application isn’t completely off before layering more on! Bring on the tiger bread look ��I wouldn’t worry about your brows, a natural look is better anyway!! Great post. Samantha x

    • Thanks so much, Samantha! Ah I'm the exact same. I don't get why anyone would enjoy it, other than the feeling after they've been washed haha xx

  • I completely suck at washing my makeup brushes, and I'm lucky if they even get done once a month as well which is so bad but I just don't have the time haha!Lucy | Forever September

  • I absolutely loved this post!! It’s so honest. I also don’t clean my makeup brushes regularly, and I also can’t do winged eyeliner AT ALL! It’s good to be honest , we can’t be great at everything!

  • Some true words here for sure haha! I have to say I can’t stand not cleansing my face now but I do put off cleaning my brushes for far too long, I try and convince myself it’s okay coz I always rotate my 4 foundation brushes and at least try and clean my beauty blender at least once every other week but in reality I need to clean my other brushes more! And winged liner drives me up the wall, right eye perfect, left eye never goes right!!! So frustrating!Ellie x

  • I can't do winger eyeliner either. In fact, I always do one eye and I mess the other, happens every time. I watched a million of tutorials and I guess I need to practise more! xYiotaPinkDaisyLoves

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