Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan – Get Summer Ready

Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan - Get Summer Ready

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Since we were blessed with such gorgeous weather for the Easter bank holiday, it only seems right to begin our summer preparation. Bubble T Cosmetics have teamed up with Skinny Tan to bring you a curated bundle to get your skin summer ready. I have kindly been sent the bundle to share my thoughts with you.

You can get this bundle for a limited time only! You have until the end of April which is only a few days away now to get your hands on this Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan collab known as Glow For It. The bundle retails at £24.99 so be quick to snap it up and get skin summer ready along with me!

So what did I think of the products?

Bubble T Cosmetics Bath Bomb Fizzers – Summer Fruits*

I’m all for a good bath product that is not only going to make my bath smell amazing but also makes my skin feel good and bring a sense of relaxation to the whole experience. These Bath Bomb Fizzers* do exactly that.

This scent, in particular, is summer fruits and as you can imagine they smell incredible. They smell so fresh and fruity with a strong scent but not too overpowering that you feel put off. They are just the right kind of scent and perfect for the summer time.

You only need to drop one or two into warm running water and whilst they don’t change the bath colour water, they still create a bubble and fizzed effect. Once you’re in the bath, they work perfectly at soaking into the skin and providing it with hydration, leaving your skin silky and your mind calm.

Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan - Get Summer Ready

Bubble T Cosmetics Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Body Scrub*

If I could pick one product that I fell in love with from this range it has to be Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Body Scrub*. Body Scrubs can sometimes have the tendency to be harsh on the skin, but this one is far from it!

It is so gentle and non-irritating. I applied this all over my body to prepare my skin for tanning to help remove any dead skin cells and dry skin. The best way to get summer ready. Even just by using this once, I had never felt my skin feel so smooth. It honestly felt incredible. I’ve never had a body scrub that has completely left my skin so unbelievably soft.

Just like the bath fizzers, this product also smells so good! It’s another fresh and fruity scent that again is great for the summertime when everything is fresher. The body scrub itself washes away with ease and isn’t stubborn like some other scrubs.

I honestly cannot get over how amazing this product is. Even days after using this my skin still felt so smooth and silky which is unheard of for me.

Bubble T Cosmetics Moroccan Mint Tea Body Lotion*

After getting out of the shower, the next step in preparing your skin for the summer is applying some form of body lotion. This one from Bubble T Cosmetics is the Moroccan Mint Tea body lotion*.

Again another great product that I really could not fault. Unlike the fruity fragrance of the other two product, this one has more of a calming fresh mint scent which is perfect when you’re unwinding from a hot bath at night time.

The body lotion really helped to add to the soft and smooth feeling that the body scrub created. It wasn’t too thick nor was it sticky which is a must for me when it comes to body lotions as I hate it when they feel thick and sticky. This one is a great in the middle consistency and absorbs into the skin within a minute or so.

This combined with the body scrub is literally a dream duo. They work so well together. I’d highly recommend them both if you suffer from dry skin or want to get your skin summer ready!

Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan - Get Summer Ready

Skinny Tan – Gradual Tan*

I’m a big fan of gradual tanners and have a firm favourite that I’ve loved for years so I was excited to see how this one from Skinny Tan would pair. Unlike most tanning products, this gradual tan smells like coconut which is such a classic summer scent and definitely makes tanning nicer because you don’t have that stinky biscuit smell.

The colour of this gradual tan* has a golden creamy look to it and once developed onto the skin it gives such a natural looking golden tan. It’s not orange or too bronzed. It just creates a really natural golden look to the skin. It doesn’t take too long to develop either!

Although I just love the convenience of putting tan on before bed and then sleeping in it. I did notice with this tan that it didn’t dry very quickly because the texture of the product itself is quite thick which is where I felt like I began to run into problems with this gradual tanner.

Because it is so thick it makes it hard to rub into the skin. I tried with both my hands and a tanning mitt. I’d definitely say the tanning mitt helped to almost smoothen it which was better than using my hands where the product felt like it wasn’t rubbing in. Also because it is thick a little does go along way so bear that in mind when you’re working on your application.

As I found the application and the texture of the product hard to work with, I found that sometimes my tan could go quite patchy in particular around my wrists and on the backs of my legs which isn’t always ideal especially when you’re baring limbs in the warmer weather.

For me, this gradual tanner is ok but it’s not my favourite and I don’t love it. I think I’m going to keep using it just as a way to top up my regular tan between uses to maintain the colour rather than using it on its own. Although you can use this gradual tanner on the face so I think I’m going to give that a go next!

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Bubble T Cosmetics x Skinny Tan - Get Summer Ready

Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt*

Also from Skinny Tan in the bundle is the Dual Tanning Mitt*. I love that it’s dual sided as this really does help to prevent the tanning from leaking through to the other side which is what I always experience with other tanning mitts and this can sometimes also transfer onto my hands.

This tanning mitt is super thick which definitely also helps to prevent the tan from leaking through. It is so soft and velvety as well which makes application so smooth. It doesn’t absorb product either and really does help to get the tan to glide on smoothly. I also used a tanning mousse with this mitt and it worked completely fine with it.

I can imagine this tanning mitt is going to last for a long time because of how thick and good quality. This is great if you fake tan on a regular basis and need something to withstand time. The only issue I had with it is that it was a bit big for my little hands (4’11 problems) which meant my hand kept sliding around inside of it so if you’re small like me bare that in mind!

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this bundle! The tan I would have probably have wanted to like more but I will continue to use it as a top-up tan rather than one on its own and test it on my face to see how that works. I love the practicality of the tanning mitt and how luxurious it feels.

And in terms of the Bubble T Cosmetics products, I could not fault them! They’re so good and I can’t wait to keep using them as I get my skin summer ready. I will definitely be making some repurchases on them when they run out to keep up with my body care.

Shop the Glow For It bundle here!

How do you get summer ready? Have you tried any of these products?

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