How To Brighten And Awaken Your Skin

How To Brighten And Awaken Your Skin

With the weather getting gloomier outside now autumn is on its way, we know we have to switch up our skincare routines to accommodate to our seasonal skincare needs. I love a brighten and awakened look to my skin all year round and in particular in the colder months when things tend to be dull. There are some easy and simple things I do to achieve this look, including some of my favourite products that have become essentials in my skincare routine.

Start with the basics 

No matter what kind of skin problems you have or the type of look you want to achieve, it is so important to cleanse in the morning and at night. Cleansing helps to get rid of dirt and oil that builds up overnight and throughout the day. It also helps unclog pores and rid of any makeup you might have been wearing during the day. This will all help contribute to that brighter and more awake complexion you want to achieve because your skin has cared from right from the start.

Don’t forget the moisturiser

Ensuring you use a moisturiser after cleansing both day and night can really help brighten and awaken your skin. You can also find moisturisers that are specifically aimed at achieving exactly that. One of my favourites moisturisers to brighten my face is the Nivea Face Cream Light Moisturiser. This moisturiser adds hydration and creates such a glowy and fresh look to my skin. This really helps to make my skin appear more awake. It also contains an SPF which is great for protecting our skin against sun damage.

How To Brighten And Awaken Your Skin

Use a weekly brightening mask

Products that are specifically targetted at brighten the skin like brightening masks can be a great way to maintain a brighter and awakened appearance throughout the week. The great thing about these types of masks is that they’re great for all skin types and can be a great addition to your self-care pamper routine. Some of my favourite face masks are by 7th Heaven as they’re good quality but so affordable.

Invest in an overnight peel

Overnight peels are something I had never tried before until I tested out the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Over Night Peel. This has honestly been such a great discovery. After using this overnight, I wake up with smoother and healthier looking skin. My skin looks radiant and healthier which helps to contribute to that brighter and awakened look. The peel helps to enhance other products I use in my skincare routine like my moisturiser and hydration booster. It has also really helped to unclog my pores and has given me a clearer complexion. It’s definitely one to try out!

Boost your hydration

Getting rid of a dull and dehydrated complexion makes way for a brighter and awakened look to your skin. To boost your hydration, there are a number of things you can do such as drinking more water, using vitamin c serums or using a hydration booster like the Simple Hydration Booster. I use this under my moisturiser to boost hydration and brighten the skin. It’s also really light so it quickly absorbs into the skin.

How to do you brighten your skin?

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