A Blogging & Content To Do List For The Rest Of 2018

A Blogging & Content To Do List For The Rest Of 2018

I haven’t put together a blogging to do list in way over a year. The last time I did one was when I took a whole month off blogging back at the start of the summer last year. But this time I won’t be taking a break to focus on these things. This blogging and content to do list will be things I hope to focus on for the rest of 2018.

I’m not a massive goal setter as I always put way too much pressure on myself to achieve things and for things to go perfectly. But I have a few ideas I have in mind that I can only wish that I will get done or near enough done by the end of the year.

There is less than a couple of months left now so it makes sense for me to write this post and kind of make these ideas into actual plans rather than keep putting them off as I have been for what feels like forever now. Oops.

Update my old posts 

Now I feel like this is one every blogger says they need to get round to doing, but since I migrated my blog from Blogger over to WordPress back in May I really began to work on improving my SEO for all the new content that came after. I completely have neglected the SEO of my old posts and know that I need to go back to them to make them more SEO friendly.

Refresh my Instagram

I’ve been feeling like my Instagram photos and feed has been a bit of a bore lately. I feel like because I’ve been doing the same style for a while now that people have got bored including myself. I’m aware of the current trends in the Instagram world and whilst I have no intentions of becoming a fashion blogger or adding warmth to my feed, I know that I want to change things up a little and refresh my whole photography style.

It won’t be anything major but I just feel like I need to do something to keep not only myself interested and passionate about taking photos but my audience as well. I did start including myself more in shots a few months ago which I enjoyed taking so maybe I’ll go back to that.

I also want to sort out my highlights, make my Instagram stories more interesting and personal, as well as work on my Instagram strategy to optimise my content.

Bring out my own ebook/e-course

This is an idea I’ve been toying with this idea for such a long time now but I’ve been so scared to bite the bullet and do it. Since the start of the summer, I’ve been trying to launch my own business but I’ve had a bad case of self-doubt and have been putting it off and off.

After a conversation with the lovely Lucy from ForeverSeptember, I was able to start contemplating with the idea of starting small and working my way from there. An ebook or an e-course is something that I feel would be a good place to start.

They would either be related to blogging, mental health/wellbeing to go alongside with my newsletter Live Happier With Lauren or maybe even both. I’ve got a couple of ideas already that I would love to put together so watch this space.

Engage and connect with people more

One of my absolute favourite things about blogging and being a part of this industry is being able to engage and connect with so many amazing people. I’ve been friends with my wonderful blogger friend Hannah from OhHelloItsHannah for over two years now and within the past year, I’ve connected with so many great bloggers like Lizzie, Lucy, Emily, Ellie and Amelia, as well as many others!!

I definitely want to build on these connections as I enjoy interacting with everyone so much and it really does help you to feel less isolated when you work from home. I want to keep interacting and connecting with more people.

What’s on your blogging to do list at the moment?

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