Bloggers I’m Glad I Discovered In 2017

Even way before I started blogging, I would always spend most nights sitting down and catching up on my favourite bloggers. Fast forward a couple of years and now I’m a blogger myself, I still do enjoy finding new bloggers and enjoy reading all the amazing content they put out. This year I felt like I was really introduced to some amazing bloggers who I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading week in week out. So I thought why not share them with you?

This blog post was planned way back in December, but between getting sick and Christmas, I never got round to photographing or publishing it before 2017 ended. But I still wanted to share with you these amazing bloggers because they do deserve all the love and support in 2018. I know they will go on to be successful in 2018!

Natalie Leanne aka Natalie

If there is anyone who deserves all the love in the blogging world right now, it is Natalie. She is such a lovely girl and is always showing support to other people. Whenever I’m having a hard time, Natalie always shares the love and helps me through any struggles I may be going through. She works so hard on her blog and it definitely shows by the high quality content she shares. I always find her blog is one you definitely go to when you want a light hearted relaxing read. Natalie also shows off her personality so well in her content and you definitely feel like you’ve got to know her more and more with every post you engage with. She also has her own Youtube channel, where she uploads short vlogs, which are also really enjoyable and very relatable too. All around, Natalie is a great blogger and one I’m happy I discovered in 2017 for sure!

Some posts I love from Natalie include…

Rebecca Faye aka Bex 

Another blogger I am so glad I discovered in 2017 is Bex from Rebecca Faye. To start off, I have to say that her photos are so gorgeous. Honestly that girl has an eye for taking the most stunning photos. She makes every beauty shot look amazing. I also love how dedicated and hard working she is on her blog. Bex posts really good reviews on a different beauty products and always shares her honest opinion, which I can really value her for as they’re always in depth and answer any questions that might come to mind. She also has a Youtube channel, you can find that over here. You really get a feel for her personality over on there and she has the cutest dog ever. He always makes me laugh on her Instagram stories. Plus he’s recently been in an accident, so deserves all the love and best wishes. Rebecca always seems to be active on all social media channels, which always blows me away. So a massive hats off to her. She’s done so well, so go share her big love for it.

Some posts I love from Bex include…

Lucy Cole aka Lucy

Lucy’s blog is one that I only discovered a few months ago, but one I always seem to click on when I see new posts from her on my Bloglovin feed. Her posts are such easy reads and ones that I really love reading. They are so natural and effortless. I always enjoy reading her outfit posts and swooning over any cute pieces she is showcasing. Her personality also comes across in writing and over on her social media. I also think she takes such lovely photos. Lucy also lives quite near me, so that instantly means I’m going to like her blog, right? Haha! It’s always nice to see locations I have been to before in her outfit shots. It personally helps me to relate to her better, but she always comes across relatable anyway because her posts are so authentic. Lucy uploads a mixture of different content from those popular outfit posts, to beauty reviews and lifestyle tips. There’s something there for anyone to get stuck it to!

Some posts I love from Lucy include…

Friday Faye aka Faye 

If you’re not already following Faye, then where the hell have you been? Faye takes the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Honestly her Instagram feed is the most swoon worthy thing I have ever come across. Faye is one of my go to places for inspiration whenever I’m taking Instagram or blog photos. She just has such a good eye for detail and bringing images together. She not only has such a good talent for photo snapping, but Faye is also so down to earth and lovely. She also started a blog last year where she shares her photography tips and all her beauty loves. You would have never have guessed she only started blogging in 2017 from her blog and her photographs, she is a complete natural and someone who also deserves all the love. 

Some posts I love from Faye include…

What bloggers are you glad you’ve discovered?

Lauren x

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