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A few weeks back I put out a blog reader survey at the end of the year and to help me get to know my audience better, as well as set some goals and put some plans into place for 2019. Today I wanted to share with you the results of this survey and what I’m going to do with the results.

Thank you so much if you did fill out the survey. I really do appreciate it and it is definitely so helpful to see what you guys think about my space on the internet. I did the same last year and I had one of the most successful blogging years last year so I definitely think it is worth doing each year.

So let’s get into the results!

1. Are you a blogger?

I wanted to ask this question to see if my blog readers were actually bloggers themselves. The majority of you guys were bloggers yourself (91.7%). Whilst a small number of you guys (8.3%) were actually Influencers. I already had a slight inkling that most of you were bloggers as you leave your blogs in the comments or interact with me on other platforms. Last year I had a few non-bloggers read my blog, which I presumed were people I knew in my real life, but this year that number has seemed to decrease.

2. Which social media channels do you follow me on?

Now this one I already had a pretty good idea where most of my blog readers came from and that was from Instagram. 83.3% of you follow me on Instagram which is bar far my favourite platform to use so I’m super happy about this result. Twitter followed behind quite closely and then Pinterest where a few of you followed me over there. I’m definitely more active on Instagram compared to Twitter so I could definitely understand the results of this one.

3. Which social media channels do you love to use and enjoy the most?

Again Instagram came out on top in this one!  Twitter and Pinterest earned a small amount of the vote. I’m really not surprised as I feel like Instagram is definitely the most popular social media channel amongst bloggers and those alike. It’s a great way to interact with your audience and share more of your content. This has only pushed me to want to work more on my Instagram and make it an interactive place to check out.

4. What would you like to see more of on my social media channels?

This one was a really interesting one as it has clearly helped me to see where I need to make some improvements and put the most changes into. Share more of my behind the scenes was voted the most and I have to say that I completely agree. I tend to shy away from sharing my behind the scenes due to a lack of confidence and not always knowing what people would like to see. But it is definitely something I plan to work on this year.

The other results were fairly tied with a small percentage of people voting for each one. I definitely want to try to engage more and build interaction which I hope to do through sharing more of my behind the scenes. I would like to be more active and consistent with my uploading but I don’t like to put too much pressure on myself. And I think being more personal will come with sharing more!

5. Do you read my blog?

I was relieved that the majority of people who answered this question said yes (91.7%). That’s always good to know as I know that not everyone reads my blog who follows me on social media or who have perhaps checked out one or two posts before. But it’s helpful that those of you who did answer the survey have actually read my blog as it will improve the accuracy of the results.

6. How often do you read my blog?

Most people read my blog either after every new post or once a month. I’m pretty happy with that as it means that most posts are being well received and that people are returning to my blog for more content. Obviously, I’d love to try to convince people to return more than once a month, so I guess that’s something to work on this year and figure out how I can push people to keep coming back as often as they can.

7. Where do you find out about my new posts?

Again most people said that Instagram was where they found out about my new posts. I was somewhat already aware of this from looking at my analytics on Google and on WordPress, but it’s good to know that my work on Instagram is directing people over to my new posts and blog. The second most popular result was Bloglovin which is a platform I still use regularly to catch up with all my favourite blogs.

I was quite surprised Twitter didn’t get selected at all because I try to promote often there, but I guess I haven’t made this platform work for me within the past year. Last year I did manage to drive some traffic from there so this has changed since then.

8. Which of my blog to posts do you enjoy reading the most?

My lifestyle posts came out on top with the results for this question which I’m pleased about as I’m really enjoying writing them at the moment. They come the easiest to me and I find myself full of ideas. I’m definitely going to continue to focus on my lifestyle content. The second most popular result was mental health which is a subject close to my heart and one that I’m glad gets received well as they’re really personal and raw posts that I write from my own experiences. Beauty and Blogging were followed behind.

9. Which topic do you want to see more of on my blog?

I always like to ask this question as it really does help me to see what content you would be interested in and what I need to focus on more often. Beauty won this one which is great to know as I have loads of beauty inspiration and ideas at the moment so this has been reassuring. Followed behind that was blogging. This topic won overall last year and I definitely want to continue sharing as many blogging tips as I can especially as my readers are bloggers themselves.

10. Which topic do you want to see less of?

Now, this completely threw me! What was voted top was also the one that was voted the topic that you guys wanted to see more of. You guys want to see less Beauty which confused me as the last question Beauty came out on top. I’m not really sure what this means other than I’m not going to completely overwhelm people with beauty but I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing now as I clearly cannot please everyone as such.

11. What would you like more of from my blog?

Most people voted that they would like me to be more personal on my blog. This was one that got flagged up last year, but I can understand why. I think I have slightly improved on this one, but I’m still trying to figure out how I can be more personal. I think I struggle to share more of myself in general because of my lack of confidence. I tend to shy away from showing me and being myself because I feel so insecure about myself. I guess within time I will get more confident. Be more consistent with my posting came out on second.

I’m definitely already working on being more consistent, but since ditching my schedule, I have felt it easier to be consistent surprisingly because I’m putting less pressure on myself. This has really helped with my inspiration and how active I am.

12. Are you subscribed to my newsletter?

The next couple of questions were aimed at my newsletter. I asked if any of you are subscribed to my newsletter. 58.3% are subscribed to my newsletter and 41.7% are not subscribed. I don’t have a huge amount of subscribers to my newsletter so I wasn’t expecting a huge majority to say yes to this one when I got the results in. My newsletter is something I’m coming into the new year struggling with. I’m lacking inspiration and want to make it a more beneficial resource for people but I’m just not sure how to do that!

13. If yes, which features of my newsletter do you enjoy the most?

The top results for this one were the weekly check-in (one of my favourite things to write!!), favourite blog posts of the week and tips on the featured topic. This was such a helpful question as it really gave me a clear idea of what areas people like from my newsletter. As I said, I’m feeling quite stuck with my newsletter at the moment, so to have this kind of feedback will really help me to ensure that I keep going with these features and maybe bring in some new ones to change things up a little bit.

14. Which would you be interested in?

And the final question was me just getting a general idea of what kind of services you would be interested in. So e-books came out on top with 50% of the vote whilst e-courses and coaching received 33.3% each. I’ve been wanting to add some additional services to my blog since the summer, but have always chickened out due to a fear of failure. But I have been in the process of putting together an e-book and I want to start working on putting together a course as well. So please watch this place!

I hope that has helped to give you a little insight into some of the things I’m going to be working on with regards to my blog and additional content this year!

What changes are you going to be making to your blog this year?

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