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Growing up I was always known as the stationary addict to my family. Everytime we would go out to the supermarket, I would be purchasing a new notebook or set of pens to add to my already overgrowing stationery collection that I had ended up housing over time. When I got into blogging and started taking it more seriously, this old love of mine seemed to be reignited and after many years of not being too fussed about stationary, my obsession for it has come back and I cannot resist purchasing all the pretty stationary. Of course this can be quite an expensive habit, so if you like me and want some cute ass stationery in your life, then keep reading because I’ve got some of the best places to shop for affordable stationery right here!

SainsburysI’m going to start with the best place of them all right now! Sainsburys honestly do some of the best stationary I have ever owned and come across from not only a supermarket brand, but within the stationary market. They have literally everything you could ever ask for from notepads, pencils and folders to paperclips, crocodile clips and pen holders, there is anything and everything to choose from! Sainsburys also have one range within the whole stationary section that is literally a bloggers dream. Think blush pink, grey tones, metallics like rose gold and copper, as well as lots of marble. Plus it’s all so affordable and great quality. I couldn’t recommend them enough for stationary right now! They’re my go to and probably will be for a very long time. 

TkmaxxWhenever I pop into Tkmaxx it’s either to see what reductions they have on makeup or to browse the stationary isle. Of course everything in Tkmaxx is discounted, so the stationery that you do see has money off the original retail price. This means shopping for cute stationery pieces in Tkmaxx is fabulous if you’re on a budget or want to save some money. But it does also mean that it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss with it’s range of products. Sometimes you can find some amazing pieces that you fall in love with and other times there isn’t really anything there that takes your pick. Although aside from the reduced prices and the chance to save some pounds, I also love how you come across brands you might have not discovered before and most of the time they’re international. Therefore, it’s always good to go in and have a look to see what you might find!

Paperchase Out of all three I have mentioned in this post, Paperchase is probably the one which is a little more expensive in terms of price. However it has great quality and a huge selection of products to choose from. They have something there for everyone whether you’re more of a floral lover or a something more minimalistic. Paperchase is also one I go to whenever I want to find something specific or want to splurge on a few items. They also offer a personalised range which gives you the option to add your own message or name to add that extra special touch to your stationery pieces. This would be great if you wanted to buy someone a present or a special gift to yourself. 

Where are your favourite places to shop for stationery? 

Lauren x

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