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There are not many days during the week where I spend the night sleeping at my house, because Matt’s house is basically like my second home. But the nights I do spend at home and don’t have to cart some of my beauty collection round to my boyfriend’s house, I have a few products that I reach for during my night-time routine.

Even if you’re not a huge beauty lover, a lip balm is an essential to have. I like to pop on some lip balm just before I go to sleep to help nourish and care for my lips. If I have been wearing a matte lipstick throughout the day,  it’s important I soothe away the dryness.

The Burt’s Bee’s lip balms* are so creamy and nourishing on the lips. They’re the perfect go to option for the end of the day. If my lips are in a real bad condition, then I’ll use some of my Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub to exfoliate away the dead skin.

Another beside beauty product I feel like I couldn’t be without is a hand cream. I had the worst dry and flakey hands during the winter months, so even though my hands are less likely to dry out in the warmer weather of summer, I still want to maintain a good condition.

The benefits of popping on a hand cream before bed means you don’t have to wash away all the goodness and can instead wake up with smoother skin. I love the Body Shop hand creams for easy non-greasy, moisturised and hydrated hands. They’re so affordable and smell lovely too.

On the topic of skin care, I love to include a facial oil in my skin care routine a couple of times a week to help brighten the appearance of my skin and leave it feeling less tight, less dull and instead more radiant.

Applying a facial oil as the last step in my skin care routine before I go to sleep means my skin overnight can soak up all the goodness from the facial oil and prepare my skin for the next day. I love to use the GreenPeopleUK rose facial oil*.

When the weather is a little more humid at night, I find myself reaching for facial mists to help cool me down. I’m loving the Merci Handy Hello Sunshine facial mist* at the moment. Not only does it smell incredible, but it instantly makes me feel refreshed, ready to tackle a warm nights sleep.

During times when I find I’m suffering with bad hormonal or stress related break outs, Sudo Cream  becomes my best friend. I simply just pop some sudo cream over the spots, then sleep in the cream. When I wake up, my spots look calmer and have decreased in size. It’s such a quick easy option to get treat spots over night!


I’m one of those people who very rarely pick up a body cream and moisturise my body. I know. Bad blogger and all. But I just never feel like I have the time to just sit there and wait for it to dry. Plus I hate going to bed with sticky legs.

The only time I’ll ever really reach for a body butter like this classic from Soap and Glory is when I’m planning on using a tanning mousse and I want my skin to be in tip-top condition. Other times, I’ll just use my trusty tanning moisturiser to bronze up my skin and keep it well hydrated.

And on two day or three day hair, a good trick I have learnt if you don’t have the time to wash your hair the night before or in the morning, is to pop on some dry shampoo on your roots before you go to bed and sleep in it. In the morning, you’ll wake up with cleaner looking hair.

There you have it, a lazy girls quick and easy haircare in a can of Batiste.

What’s one of your beside beauty favourites?

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