The Benefits Of Engaging In A Good Conversation

With most of us leading busy schedules and lives, the simplicity of a good conversation between two long-term best friends or the neighbour across the street gets lost. We forget the importance of engaging in a conversation and the great impact it can have on improving our well-being and relationships.

Here are some of the benefits of engaging in a good conversation:

It improves connection

Whether we’ve known someone for only a couple of months or maybe a few years, having a good conversation with someone can help improve our connection with this other individual. It can increase our bond and bring us together rather than pushing us further apart. Connecting with people through a conversation help us to continue to have long-lasting relationships.

It improves understanding

When we have the chance to have a good conversation with someone over the phone or between a pot of tea, we’re giving ourselves the opportunity to understand someone else. It helps us to get to know the person better and were then able to understand what their wants/needs are. We also end up learning a lot about ourselves by doing this.

It brings people together

Rather than feeling further apart from the people we want in our lives, a good conversation can help bring us together. We can be there for each other by supporting the ones we care about and showing the appreciation we have for one another. It also gives us a chance to meet new people which can, therefore, bring good and positive people into our lives.

We can work through things together

Think back to a moment in the past year where you struggled with something. Did you find yourself reaching out to someone else for help? Or did you spend time dwelling by yourself?

When we are able to reach out and start a conversation with someone else, we’re are opening up space for us to work things out together. We don’t have to feel so alone. If we’re kind to someone else who may need it, then we’re going to feel good for helping someone else out.

The same applies to someone being there for you. Allow them to share their own advice and tips to help get you through a certain situation. Knowing that you’ve got support if you need it can help massively.

It improves communication

Joining in with a conversation can help us improve our listening skills. We have to concentrate and take our minds off our own schedule to really take in what another is telling us. This can help us become better communicators. We’re then more able to adapt our conversation for different people, it becomes easier to have a conversation and can say what we also need to.

If there is one thing you do today, make sure it’s messaging an old friend or checking in with that family member you haven’t heard from. A conversation can change someone’s world for the better. It might be yours. 

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