My Beauty Resolutions For 2019

My Beauty Resolutions For 2019 My Beauty Resolutions For 2019

I’m never one to set huge goals each year for the next twelve months ahead, but I do like to put some plans and ideas into place of what I’d like to do. I thought it would be a good idea to get clear on some of my beauty resolutions for 2019. These are the beauty habits I want to either make or break for the new year.

Take more care

You guys know how much I am for self-care and looking after yourself, but surprisingly the past year I’ve really struggled to put the effort in to look after myself properly. I’ve become lazy with doing things like giving my nails a manicure each week, plucking my eyebrows regularly and giving my skin some added care with a face mask each week for example.

I don’t know why I’ve got so lazy with my beauty rituals, but I want to make 2019 a year where I spend more time making myself feel good through little self-care beauty acts.

So my first beauty resolution is to take more care. I think it’s so important to have that time where you give yourself a pamper and look after yourself. It’s not vain to want to look after yourself. It’s a great form of self-care and it leaves you feeling your best.

Cleanse properly

Again, I’ve become kind of lazy with my cleansing routine at night, mainly when I’m at my boyfriend’s and not in the comfort of my own home, where I can grab whatever product I’m feeling that night and can use a muslin cloth. It becomes trickier to keep up with my routine and I definitely know my skin pays for it when I’m not keeping up with it consistently.

So I’d like to try to put more of an effort in and not make excuses as to why I can’t cleanse my face properly before bed. Half the time I either don’t have the tools with me or I’m half asleep, but I know that I can change this by taking it off an hour before I plan on going to bed so I’m not sleepy and using other alternatives to the ones I’d use at home help me cleanse properly.

I also want to get more into double cleansing, especially after trying out the Dermalogica pre-cleanse, it’s been a great addition to my cleansing routine!

Not to pop spots

I know this is such a gross one, but I have such a bad habit of popping my spots! I just cannot help it. I really need to just leave them alone and let them go away on their own without keeping squeezing them and frustrating them more. I always used to get hormonal breakouts on my chin, but now they seem to never leave and I’m sure it’s because I’m constantly aggravating my skin by picking or popping spots.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!

So I feel like putting this as one of my beauty resolutions for the year ahead will help to remind me to leave them be and take care of them rather than making them angrier.

Organise my collections regularly

I love organising and making everything look neat! My beauty drawers are looking a little overwhelmed right now, so  I want to organise my collection as one of my beauty resolutions and make everything look like it isn’t cramped in drawers.

I think a declutter and recognise is in order for the new year. I find doing this so therapeutic and it gives you the chance to rediscover old products you use to love. I want to keep this as a regular thing throughout the year so I can keep things organised and prevent it from looking overcrowded.

What’s one of your beauty resolutions for 2019?

18 thoughts on “My Beauty Resolutions For 2019

  • Happy New Year!!!!
    Pitting spots is a big one for me, I do it without even realising it!! Im also hoping to be more concious of it!
    Another one for me is laying of the shellac….. God are they addictive!
    Looking forward to another year of content

    • Thank you so much! Happy new year to you too. Me too. I don’t know why I do it haha it just happens. Ohh I’ve always wanted shellac! I hope you manage to achieve what you want to in 2019. Best wishes xx

      • hahaha if you get it done you cant blame me if you develop the habit! Its the no chip that hooks me, you just cant get long lasting normal polish these days! I swaer my gran never had chipped nail varnish. They had to have made them so much better back in the day. Thats my 2 cents on polish for ya!

        Good luck to you to!


        • Ohh I can totally see why it becomes addictive! I hate chipped polish and it is hard to find a nail polish brand that doesn’t chip easily xx

    • Yes, cleansing is so important but can be quickly overlooked! I’m managing to keep up with it so far haha xx

  • Love this post Lauren and the photos! Towards the end of last year I made an effort to maintain a new skincare routine which is one of my resolutions to keep up this year! I have some scarring that doesn’t seem to be leaving either due to me aggravating it haha so I’m with you on that one! I love having an organise in the new year so decluttering my collection will definitely be on the list! Hope you are having a fab start to 2019 xx

    • Aw, thank you so much, Amelia! That means so much especially from you who takes amazing photos. A new skincare routine is so essential. I’m so glad you managed to stick with it! Yeah, I’m the exact same. Scarring is so annoying. I need to schedule in some time for a declutter this month. Thank you so much. I hope you have an amazing 2019 xx

  • I have such a bad habit of popping spots and picking at them, which has resulted in so many scars across my face and I hate it! I’ve definitely got to try and stop this habit this year!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • I’m the exact same, Lucy! My chin has so many scars on it from where I’ve picked spots and they haven’t healed properly because of it xx

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