Beauty Products To Give You Confidence

Beauty Products To Give You Confidence

Beauty is a wonderful thing. It is not only so much fun to experiment with, but it also provides you with so much confidence that you might not have had beforehand. It is especially useful on those days when you don’t feel so good within yourself, where you need some help boosting your self esteem and help you to feel better. Beauty can enable you to feel better about yourself and make you feel confident even when you’re feeling rubbish. There’s a fair few products that I always reach for when I’m not feeling so confident and need a pick me up or perhaps I reach for on important days, like an interview or a special date.

A pretty lipstick – I really think that you cannot go wrong with a pretty lipstick to give you lots of confidence. There’s so many gorgeous ones within my collection that I know suit me well enough to give me that much needed boost in my self-esteem. Think back to a time you wore a lipstick you really loved or perhaps got lost of compliments on. Use this as your go to lipstick for the next time you need a pick me up. It will become your trusty one.

Or maybe you haven’t found that lipstick yet. A good idea is to have a look through your collection or when you’re next makeup shopping, consider  what shade suits your hair, eyes, your skin colour, the looks you go for and the texture you find most comfortable. I always find fuller and bolder lip colours always give me heaps of confidence as they’re quite daring, whilst a glossy nude can also have the same affect, but creates a softer and natural look. It’s all about finding your style and what suits you!

You really cannot go wrong with anything from Charlotte Tilbury. She has such a gorgeous lip range and the packaging is so swoon worthy. My favourite is Kim K.W. 

Perfume/fragrance – A gorgeous smelling fragrance or perfume is sure to always give you heaps of confidence. If you smell good, then you’re sure as hell going to feel good. No one wants to smell bad or even be conscious that they do smell. Squirting on a fragrance or perfume is something that is super quick and easy to do, particularly on the go when you need that quick pick me up. Also a good smell always provides you with elegance and appeal. My go to is Marc Jacobs Daisy. It is such a classic perfume, but smells so feminine and fresh. I love it.

Fluttery (false) lashes – I personally could not do my makeup routine without putting on mascara and really enhancing my lashes. It’s just something about having fluttery and bold lashes that gives me so much confidence and I’m sure you can relate to this also. It’s almost like your makeup doesn’t look right without your lashes being coated in mascara or applying falsies on top. They also really help to open up your eyes and make them appear more awake and bigger. Plus who doesn’t love having longer lashes? 

My favourite mascara right now is the Maybelline – Push Up Angel. It really helps to lengthen and  separate your ashes, creating a fluttery yet natural look to your lashes. Maybelline are such a great brand for mascaras. I have my top 3 favourites here if you need any recommendations. 

Fake tan – There’s just something about having a tan that makes you feel a lot more confident in your appearance. Having glowing and bronzed skin can look so beautiful. And if you feel better about yourself, then you’re going to have lots of confidence behind you. Fake tanning can be a great thing to do to achieve this with no hassle. It can really help to make your skin look more radiant and healthier. It’s also perfect for the spring/summer season. 

I love using my trusty Palmers Tanning Moisturiser to achieve a natural looking bronzed look to my skin. Not only is this also good at tanning your body, but it’s also such a good moisturiser and always leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.

A manicure – Having well groomed and painted nails can really help to make you feel a lot more put together. I know that when my nails are chipped or need a repaint, I always feel a little out of place (not to say that anyone who doesn’t have painted nails is. That’s not my point at all). Having clean and tidy nails can really help improve your confidence, especially if you’re someone who works a lot with the public or needs to look smart for their job. Adding a pop of colour onto your nails can also be a good way to boost your confidence. But also keeping them clear or popping on a nude colour can be just as good at increasing your self-esteem, because they can pretty and understated. 

Essie do such a great selection of nail polishes. There’s a colour there for everyone. My personal favourite ranges are the Barry M gelly hi shines or the Maybelline 7 day stay nail polishes. Both last such a long time on the nails and look such a lovely quality on. I love Acai Smoothie from Barry M and Nude Rose from Maybelline. 

What products make you feel confidence? 

Lauren x

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