Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Beauty Products I Couldn't Live Without

Within the past few years,  my obsession for all things beauty and make-up has grown massively. It was one of the reasons what prompted me to start this blog. With an ever growing collection of make-up and a interest in trying out different products, I’ve found a few product types that I know I couldn’t live without, whether this is applying them during my daily make-up routine or essentials I love to use to make a difference to how I look.

Beauty Products I Couldn't Live Without

Concealer – I suffer with the worst under eye circles and one of my favourite parts of putting on my make-up is minimising away the awful darkness that lingers under my eyes. To do this I love to use the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in the shade 01 Porcelain. This concealer is perfect for brightening the under eye area and lasting a good amount of time during the day. For blemishes and redness, I like to use the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory to cover up these areas. I don’t think I could quite leave the house without putting on concealer. It is never something I miss out when applying make-up.

Highlight – I can’t believe I didn’t use to wear this product until a few years back! It’s so crazy because I can’t never not apply it now. I find it makes such a difference to how my make-up looks. I love the healthy glow it gives my skin. The Sleek Solstice Palette is the perfect highlighter quad, made up of three powders and one cream shade. All four highlights are absolutely lovely on the skin, so highly pigmented and create the desired look you are after. 

Gradual Tanners – Over the past couple of years I’ve tried out a fair few tanning moisturisers over the spring/summer months to give my skin a little bit of colour and a glow to it. It’s not been till this year when I’ve become slightly obsessed with trying out new gradual tanners and seeing what works best for me. So far I have been loving the Dove Summer Revived tan. I’ve been applying this everyday and so far have seen a gradual build up of a light bronzed look appear on my skin. Another I have recently been trying and have so far found the best immediate results is Palmer’s Natural Bronze Lotion. I believe these kind of products are a summer beauty essential!

Beauty Products I Couldn't Live Without

Dry shampoo – Everyone need’s a bottle of dry shampoo! They’re great for days when you need to add a bit of texture to your hair or need to give your hair a little bit of life when it’s in dire need of a good ol’ wash. Batiste has been my favourite dry shampoo brand for a while now. The scents of their shampoo’s are always so lovely and I find it so easy to rub into my hair with no white roots being a issue.

Lip products- I can’t finish off my make-up look without putting on some form of lip product! Whether this is a balm, a liquid lipstick, a gloss or a classic lipstick, I have to at least have something on there to give them a bit of colour or a certain look to them. Aside from highlighters, lip products are probably one of my favourite make-up products ever. Mac lipsticks are probably my favourite lip products ever, because the quality is so good and the colour selection is so wide, you have so much to choose from and there’s a colour to suit all.

Mascara – Another one I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without putting it on is mascara! The difference it makes for me is insane. It really helps to open up my eyes and create volume, length and curl to my lashes. The two mascara’s I’ll always go back to are both from Maybelline, the Colosal Go Extreme and the Lash Sensational. Both amazing at creating volume, length and curl to your lashes, as well as lasting all day long.

Brow products – A few years back, everyone including myself didn’t even fill in their brows! It’s not until the make-up world has become increasingly popular and everyone wants ‘on fleek’ brows that it feel’s weird not to fill in your brows. I like to try create a natural yet defined brow. The product I have been loving using on my brows lately is the Soap & Glory Brow Archery Tint and Pencil. The tint is great at filling in any spares areas of brows and keeping them natural looking, whilst the pencil end helps to add definition and precision when filling in your brows.

What beauty products can’t you live without?

Lauren x

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