Bath Time With Anatomicals

Bath Time With Anatomicals

Having previously worked with Anatomicals on a past post and loving the products they kindly sent me,  I was excited to be working with them again and testing out some more products from their range. This time round I picked out a few products that I found would work best for my favourite time of the day. Bath time. If you know me, you’ll know I 100% prefer my baths over showers. There’s nothing better than running a warm hot bath with lots of bubbles and a ray of different bath and body products lined around the tub for you to treat yourself to. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind from the days stresses. So sit back and relax, whilst I go through bath time with Anatomicals…

The Buff Stuff, citrus body scrub*The strange thing is I actually used to hate body scrubs. I’d hate the feel of them on my skin and it would literally make me cringe. Then the more I got into my skincare and tanning, I realised just how beneficial using a scrub can be for removing those dead skin cells and softening your skin. 

The Buff Stuff by Anatomicals is a scrub that if I had tried back when I hated using scrubs, it would have been the one to change everything and make me fall in love with them. It is all around that good of a product. It’s a citrus scented body scrub which means it smells kind of soury and what reminds me of summer. It’s the perfect product for this time of the year and to use when exfoliating any fake tan off before applying a fresh one. I absolutely love the name of this product, just like most of the range from Anatomical, it’s always so fun and playful. 

The packaging of The Buff Stuff is also the cutest. I love the pink and yellow mix. It also feels like a good quality product just from the packaging alone, but also the performance is just as good. The scrub itself is so gentle on the skin. It doesn’t feel rough at all which I do prefer massively. It really does help to remove any dead skin and make way for more smoother skin with just one application. You also get a decent amount out of product within the bottle which means the scrub will probably last a long time. Overall, I really love this product and couldn’t recommend it enough! This is one of my favourites from Anatomicals. 

Phwoar! Not Straw, restorative avocado and wheat germ mask* –  Since bleaching the mid-lengths and ends of my hair to lighten it to create an ombréd look, I’ve really been into upping my hair care game. Hair masks were something I wasn’t very familiar with until then. So I was looking forward to trying out this one from Anatomicals. The Phwoar! Not Straw hair mask from Anatomicals again has such a great name. It’s so catchy and to the point which I love. It tells you straight away the aims of the product.

The hair mask itself smells very fresh and fruity. It also has such quirky packaging which is so easy to use. You get 3 applications in one mask, which if you do a face mask each week or every other then it will last you a decent amount of time. The mask is a very bright green colour, this at first did put me off as it is quite striking, but you soon get over it. It also has quite a thick consistency to it, which I prefer as it means there’s lots of product and nourishment there. In terms of the mask performance, I sadly found this didn’t really do much for my hair. It didn’t make it feel any softer or revitalised in anyway. I’ll probably give this one a miss as it sadly just didn’t work for me.

Shower To The People, every man and woman body cleanser* – If there’s one thing that Anatomicals do well, then it is scents. Every product always smells so lovely. The Shower To The People cleanser was no exception. This smells really fresh and sour with hints of lime running through it. It’s another great product for summer. I also loved how much product you get within this cleanser and that it can be used for both sexes. When using this product, I found it to lava up really nicely and didn’t find myself having to reapply more when washing. It’s such a good quality. The cleanser really does help to wash my skin well and leaves it smelling fruity afterwards. I really enjoy using it and would definitely repurchase the product.

What’s your favourite bath product? 

Lauren x

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