Autumn To Do List

Autumn To Do List

I always find writing to do lists and setting goals as a really useful method of keeping yourself motivated and organised. There’s nothing better than ticking off something on your to do list. Since we’re now heading more into Autumn after quite a scorching start to September, I really wanted to start getting into the Autumn spirit. Inspired by Sophie’s Makeup – September To Do List, I thought I would produce this list of goals and things I would like to achieve during the Autumn season. 

Finish bedroom details – At the start of summer, I made a few changes in my room. It’s still not 100% finished yet, but I’d love to have it finished by the time Winter arrives. I plan on having a print/quote wall that is both inspirational and positive, a metallic coloured vase for some fake flowers I bought and some accessories to put onto my shelf. 

Complete Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher – The book I’m currently reading and loving is Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Once I’ve finished this book, I hope to start reading the next instalment in the series. Snuggling up with a book is the perfect me time activity during the colder months!

Partake & complete Open University courses – A few weeks back, I applied to do some short online courses through Future Learn for free. I’ve just started one on Mindfulness, which I’m already finding interesting and can’t wait to start implementing the skills into my own life. The second is Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights, which starts in a few weeks and I’m super excited to participate since I want to go into this career area. 

Continue with CBT & improving my mental health – Improving my mental health is something I always try to work really hard at. Other than starting medication, I’ve also been working through some self help books like CBT and also working on tackling some of my fears. Even though I still have a long way to go, I’m so ready to beat anxiety and depressions arse!

Bake lots of yummy treats – Since Bake Off started a few weeks back, I’ve had baking on my mind. The colder seasons are a great time to get stuck into some baking. I want to bake sweet treats like cookies, biscuits, brownies and of course my personal favourite cupcakes.

Rock berry lips & nails – It isn’t just me who’s been excited for berry lips to come back in season, is it? I’ve already been sporting a dark berry lip and nails since the start of September. I really love wearing this colour and other autumnal shades.

Start volunteering – As I have been unwell with my mental health, I’ve been unable to work or be in any education for over a year. Now I feel a bit hopeful and positive to move forward, I thought a great step was to do some volunteering. I’m now a social media volunteer for a charity that aims to spread happiness and kindness to animals, others and the planet. I’m so excited to get stuck in and make a difference!

Buy a big cosy scarf and a knitted beanie – I always have to purchase a new scarf every Autumn/Winter. This year I can’t wait to pick up a big cosy one along with a cute beanie hat to keep me extra warm.

Dress in knitted pieces, autumnal colours, tights & boots!!!!

What’s on your Autumn to do list?

Lauren x

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