Autumn Nail Shades

Autumn Nail Shades

Like my two other seasonal nail posts this year and with a new season arriving, I thought it was only right that I updated my nail picks for the next few months. Autumn brings a lot of berry colours, deep wines, darker and deeper classic shades, with everything being a bit more edgy and daring. Quite a lot of my shades this time of the year are fairly similiar, but nonetheless I still love wearing them and popping on something a little different every couple of weeks.

Starting off with one of my favourite nail polish formulas, it is the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days in the shade Midnight Red. This range of nail polishes is honestly such a good quality. They are so easy to apply with only two coats needed and they literally last such a long time. I couldn’t believe how long they last. They claim to last 7 days but I have definitely worn them for way longer than that with no chips whatsoever. It’s seriously that good. From the shade name you can probably guess that this shade is a very deep red wine colour. I absolutely love wearing this paired with the same coloured lip. It really does help to embrace all things autumn.

Next up is one from Barry M. Would this be my seasonal nail picks post without mentioning a Barry M polish? This times pick is from their nail paint range in the shade Vintage Violet. This sways more towards the purple side of things, rather than the berry wine shade from Maybelline. It’s a completely different take on an autumn shade. It’s very deep and dark, so it’s definitely one for more edgy looks. I always think Vintage Violet has a slight rustic twist to it, which makes it really unique and different to the bog standard purple shades. 

Now I may sound like I am going completely off topic here, but it plays some kind of relevance. I am so excited that my local area is getting a Kiko Milano store. They’re one of my favourite brands. I think you can find some real gems in there for always reasonable prices. Just like their nail varnishes have such a lovely range. I picked up Mercury Purple sometime last year when I was visiting a Kiko store and fell in love with it. It’s a gorgeous purple with hints of shimmer running through it. I own nothing quite like this in my nail collection so I absolutely love it! The polishes I have tried from Kiko also last such a long time too and they’re very reasonably priced.

Swaying away from the typical autumn shades, I’ve gone with a classic nude pick that I have mentioned in a previous nails post. But this shade from Rimmel’s 60 seconds super shine range is one that works really well as a transitional shade. Caramel Cupcake is a nice natural nude colour that can easily be worn for all occasions and for everyday wear. I like to wear this when I want something a little more understated and not so out there, but still goes with the season and can be worn. Also I love the formula of these. They’re just right.

And finally the last shade is more towards the edgy side of things and it is Black Out by Maybelline’s Color Show range. Black is a classic shade that can be worn all year round, but in particular around autumn time. It’s a great shade option to opt for come halloween time when things are a lot darker. It’s also a shade that goes with lots of other autumn colours, so will always look nice paired with your autumn inspired outfits and accessories.

What is your go to autumn nail shade?

Lauren x

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